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Lung Disease & Diabetes

Interesting chat with my gp about blood pressure passing out wile urinating.

Exciting to say the least BUT suffering prehypertension stress as not been so funny.

Anyway GP said my last fasting blood sugar test WAS 7.2 mmol/L and that could explain my suffering SO having more fasting blood sugar test TO see if i have untreated diabetes causing my symptoms suffering.

Can anyone else remember what thay felt like before diabetes dx

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I have not had this JAS but I hope they sort it quickly for you.

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Hi cheers i hope am turning corner and things are going to improve too.


Good luck to you JAS. Hope things work out well for you.

I’m considered pre diabetic too so need to lose weight and watch what l eat........mmmmm. Xxxxx


I have perfect bmi by all accounts GUESS nothing saves us if its in our genes.

Guess be know more sports mix for me lol

Never felt so ruff since finished antibiotcs tho

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There have been many reports of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes being reversed by a very low carb diet for several weeks eg 5/2 diet etc.

Raised blood sugars will lead to kidney damage which causes raised blood pressure which causes kidney damage etc etc.

Wife has been type 1 for over 40 years so needs monitoring for this.


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