Inclined Bed Therapy, bronchiectasis, copd, IPF, Barrett's, reflux and everybody.

Hi everyone, I want to share something great and free that I am finding incredible, my lungs are gradually improving.

Is there anyone else here using Inclined Bed Therapy ? I have wondered for a long time how much lung damage happens because of unseen reflux. IBT is not just propping up pillows, it is raising the complete bed 6" at the head end only.

After sleeping on this slight slope for nearly a month my lifelong cough and wheeze is going, my sinus is clear, pnd almost gone - it used to take me 1 1/2 hrs to "drain and clear" my lungs every morning with neb saline, lung flute etc but not any more, just a short go with my lung flute and I'm clear. Surely this must help those with reflux, Barrett's esophagus ? Anyway, sleeping in this position has helped other things too, I feel refreshed when I wake, I realise now that the headachy unwell feeling I woke to must have been caused by stagnation lying flat, I know that I never want to sleep in a flat bed again.

I just had to write and ask everyone what they think, I'm not sure how to do links on this iPad, have a look on google for Andrew K Fletcher Inclined Bed Therapy, don't underestimate this gentle spoken man from west mids UK, it does not surprise me that the world is too busy to hear his words.


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61 Replies

  • Sounds like a good idea to me and will check it out. Thanks for that zube. Xxx

  • sassy you were quick with that reply, thanks for taking a look.

  • Hi zube-UK Ihave had an electric bed for eleven years. I have bronchiectasis and on and off reflux so have the top half of the bed raised as and whenI need it. I’m glad it works for you.

  • Hi littlepom, thanks for your reply, is it just the top half of your bed that is raised? It needs to be a gradual slope from head to foot for the therapy to work apparently, something to do with whole body fluids according to Andrew.

  • Hmmm. They used to block my bed up like this in the 1950s before the invention of the electric bed. It was no different to my having the top half of my bed up 6 inches. It is a very old thing to do so must have some benefit. Whichever way you do it though, remember that it can encourage the mucus to stay down in the lungs whilst preventing acid from coming up. A conundrum but at the moment you seem to have the balance right with your excellent mucus clearing.

  • how interesting that your bed was raised in the 50's, like you, I have had this bronch way back and also remember some beds blocked up but not mine, you are right it looked about 6" back then. I am looking out for the blessed stuff to get stuck low down, cofdrop mentioned that as well, can only keep trying.

  • Good for you -on with the battle!

  • Now I’m giving more thought, they also used to make me lie facing down the bed with my head over the end to cough up. That was before I had a torture implement which was a slatted wooden triangle thing. They used to put a cushion on the top, I lay over it and they thumped my back- twice a day! ( actually my mother did). At Leicester hospital, where I went for monthly physio ( abuse) for 6 years one of the gentler contraptions was a a rocking bed which tipped me up down and side to side. Oh I’ve had the lot!

  • Yes, and they would march into the ward with these contraptions straight after dinner which would also be "postural drained!"

  • Oh fond memories. I think we should write the book! When I go for my breathing tests the young technicians always ask me for stories of how they treated us as kids. More than once they have asked me to write it down.

  • my bed is an all singing all dancing nursing one I keep my head end at 70 degrees and to stop myself sliding down I use the knee break which is included, I have had many a good sleep in it an never grumbled at paying £500 plus for it help me being able to keep my chest clear

  • That's a goodun anthony, sounds snug. My husband has a hospital bed they sent when he came home from hospital. It makes a humming sound when it is plugged in and I wonder how much electric it takes, does your bed make this sound ?

  • mine made a humming sound until the suppliers replaced the motor in its guarantee period but my air mattress sure does

  • Thanks anthony, that explains the hum, must be true then -we get what we pay for..

  • I guess that is the way things are these days but don't let it ruin your sleep the inflater on my air mattress makes a nice hum and gets me to sleep

  • hi, Yes I used to slide off the pillows with just the top end raised, it's horrid isn't it, does not seem to happen now that the whole bed has been raised at head end, first I used 3 pillows and now just one will do.

  • Oops I'm altering good people's sleep now! Thanks for giving it a go payalot, did you read cofdrop' link?

  • Yes its draining your lungs and helping to stop muck building up in your lungs over night.

  • It is Larry and not just draining, I think reflux acid is not able to do the damage it did when I was flat. I see that you have emphysema, do you get much sputum stuck in the lungs?

  • Hi, yer sometimes but then I drink a couple of table spoons of raw lemon juice and bang it helps no end. Give it a try a bit Sharp at first but I like Sharp taste so iam okay with it. It does work for me.

  • Thanks, will try that.

  • Thank you sweetheart when you have such a lot going on. Have put your link up for you


  • Oh thanks for the link c, you are such a great help. x

  • You're welcome. xxx

  • Will check out the link in a mo. Currently I use pillows, don't really slip off them as Ive got a thin pillow under my thighs which prevents me going down further. Mattress is a futon which Im finding too hard and is causing pain in my pelvis. There's also an american reflux wedge pillow where you put your lower left arm through a hole in the wedge and this keeps you in place - not cheap though. I'll put the link on if I can find it. Thanks for posting Zube.

  • I used to sleep on a futon but it hurt my hips too, would a memory foam mattress topper help ? At least the futon mattress is not too bouncy like some beds can be. The reflux wedge sounds a good help, if you don't toss about like me !

  • I have a Temper memory mattress was was pricey but we'll worth it.

  • That sounds good Bella, my neighbor has one, his wife loves it but he says it is too hot? I like hot.

  • I will definitely try raising my head

  • Enthusiasm, I like that, please let us know how it goes Alde, did you read Andrew K Fletcher on cofdrop's link ? He explains all the advantages with it, interesting.

  • Hi Zube,

    Reflux plays a big part in bronchiectasis i was told and have oesphigitus reflux disease too.i have just had major heart surgery 7 weeks ago and actually i am really propped up in bed for the pain in my sternum and i have noticed that my chest is much clearer and so are my sinuses on a morning as i also suffer with chronic sinusitus so this is very interesting to read.thanks


  • Thank you for your info Dazzler, I think you are doing amazingly well with all the mitral heart surgery as well, my husband had a metal aortic heart valve replaced 25 yrs ago, gp says it is still excellent now, reasuring.

    Interestingly, there are a few people on Andrew K Fletcher's link who have AF and find IBT is helping a lot.

    I wish you a speedy recovery Jenny, stay strong.


  • Thank you very much.😊

    It is reassuring hearing that about your husband.

    Kind Regards

    Jenny x

  • Makes sense to me when I was in the hospital I didn't have one problem with sinu drainage or wheezing I'm gonna give it a try thanks

  • Yey, great if you can give it a try Sjf, interesting to see if it gets you as clear as it is for me now, I know I will never want to sleep on a flat bed again.

  • With me my sinus make my eyelids so puffy you can see through them and in the morning sinus drainage going down and phlem coming up make for a miserable morning but when I was in the hospital my eyes never did that

  • Morning this sounds amazing. I will look into this thanks for sharing x

  • I have used an adjustable bed for years now. Without it I don't have so much breath in the morning. And it stops any reflux. Also useful for raising the feet a little too as the bottom half also raises. How much I am raised depends on my chest on the night. Sometimes it will be raised quite a way. Other times quite flat. I would recommend these beds to anyone having problems in bed at night. When I used pillows I used to wake and find them all on the floor. Now with the head raised I only need one pillow.

  • Thanks derrylynne, it is good to hear you are getting a better sleep with the adjustments. I don't want to sleep on a flat bed again, think it causes stagnation and I wake feeling headachey and slow, this has not happened at all since I inclined the head end of my bed.

  • You also sound so much better on the 'phone. Less chesty and less tired, despite all you have to do. Gonna try it hun, especially re the IBS and SIBO, which is making life a misery. Fletcher makes sense to me. If I don't give it a go I'll never know. Will keep an eye on any effect on lung clearance.

    Thank you for sharing. One day I might have a little lab going with kombucha scooby doos etc!


  • You are a good sport c, and a wonderful support x

    Interestingly, I had the flue jab yesterday and have a niggly irritation in upper lung, happens every time I have the jab but thought I better have it this year because of the Oz flue.

    Have grown loads of scooby doos now - visitors do not like them ! Not many will try the magic elixir..

  • Having it in a wine glass helps. It's grown on me - not literally - and I quite like the taste now.

    Hope the irritation goes away quickly.


  • I like the idea of the wineglass, tried it and it does taste nicer. Feel unwell today, Clive too, it must be that jab or we picked up infection in the flue clinic, did try to avoid doorhandles etc. xx

  • Oh no - so sorry to hear that. Both of you - let me guess who will be doing all the running around.

    Take some time for yourself dear friend. Going to hynotherapy tomorrow but will be in touch.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    love cx

  • Think it has passed !! can't believe this, woke up refreshed, really thought I was going down with it, Thanks for support c xxx

  • Hello zube-UK. I had problems sleeping flat, so we found a very nice reclining chair in a charity shop, and having slept in it for a few nights things were much improved, I didn't wake up with an headache and I felt so much better. It is definitely something worth doing xx

  • Thanks Christina, you were real lucky to find that recliner, ours was given to us but it is old. Interesting that you woke up without that awful headache, I feel refreshed now with more energy. I feel warmer too, like my metabolism has increased, let's hope it continues...

  • It was very strange the way I found the chair, I had spent many hours looking for one I could afford and I got so fed up with finding nothing that I decided to give it a rest and start looking for a birthday present for my grandson who wanted a particular hoodie, nothing to do with reclining chairs, when up popped an advert for a chair in a charity shop about 6 miles away, I phoned them and we went straight over to see it, and it was perfect and cost us £40, it has been worth every penny several times over. I hope you continue to have restful sleep in your xxxx

  • Wonderful! How do you raise the bed? With what do you use to raise it with? I have bronchiectasis too and I'm just wondering is your head up or down?

    Thanks for posting that info.

  • Hi Lindyloo, I used logs from the forest around me, Forest of Dean UK, whole logs and some sliced up to get 6" equal, had to knock off a few wood lice !

    Head is definitely up and feet need to be lower than hips, have a look at Andrew K Fletcher on google or follow cofdrop's helpful link. Thanks Lindy,it's great that so many are interested in this.

  • I warched the You tube video. Completely the opposite from what they say to clear the mucous out of the lungs! Do you find that you are draining the guk from your lungs?

  • Hiya Lindy-loo, well spotted. Lung draining and sleeping are two separate things.

    Sleeping on a flat bed allows reflux fluids to silently seep into lungs, causing damage, also bunged up sinus and post nasal drip seeps into the lungs as well, all this in the lungs is a mucus forming problem which for me has vastly improved since sleeping on my 5% slope.

    This 5% slope optimises flow and return of body fluids, lymph, blood, mucus etc., I believe it is why I feel more refreshed and clear headed when I wake now.

    We could use the slope the opposite way to actually do postural drainage, I do not drain my lungs that way anymore as it can agrivate my hiatus hernia, and anyway, I find much less muke now after a month sleeping on the slope.

    I like the lung flute although breath makes it wet and stops it working, I dismantle it and push a cloth through it with a stick, yep, I really work at getting rid of the dreaded mucus !

  • I know I'm fighting an infection right now and just want that to go! I get far too many infections. I am sure when I go back to the specialist we will know more about whats growing in there!

  • I hope you do get some help, infection is horrible, I know I don't feel so well now after having the flue jab yesterday, it's the jab or I have picked up infection in the jab clinic, hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Zube☺ I have been doing the saline in my nebulizer as well as salbutimal and I see the dr. On Tuesday so I should live!

  • Many thanks Zube-UK for the heads up!! lol...heads up...I make me laugh!!

    I was sleeping with raised pillows and the like but my sleep was back to just two biggish pillows and sleeping sound. I too have the dreaded reflux (with a good dose of COPD, stage four apparently and osteoarthritis...all a bit of a bugger if you ask me!!...mustn't grumble!!) and managing through diet. After reading your post I will ponder on this for a bit...I read 'payalot's' post saying they raised their mattress by 6 inches...which would be far easier for me to do than to try and raise this wooden bed I have. But thank you...appreciate the info.

    have a good one...wishing you and yours only the very best now and in the future.

  • Sorry Juliette, you have a lot to put up with, your entitled to have a good old groan, my bed is heavy wooden one too, I resorted to a car jack to raise it, mad me..

  • I've just been reading about this, looks amazing and I'll definitely be trying it. Thanks zube.


  • Thanks for giving it a try moody girl, it's helping me a lot but I can't say I like the look of my bed, the crazy slope ! but it works..

  • That's so interesting, zube, thanks for posting. I've recently bought one of these We have two single mattresses pushed together on a 6' wide base so this is better for me.

  • Brilliant link, thanks Hanne, so much useful stuff there, I've just ordered the tall wooden risers.

    I am not sure about the wedge as it is only 27" and takes you up from the waist. To feel full benefit we need feet lower than hips, it did not make sense to me until I tried it exactly as Andrew K Fletcher described, I felt the difference straight away.

    Love the sound of your big bed, hope you are ok.

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