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Pant is liner

My partner usually stays at mine 3 days had I stay at his,when we go out not often,we have a drink I don't want to sound crude one night I had to much to drink took my clothes off through on floor,he had a meeting one day was sat on metro a women looked at him strange he wondered what was wrong he looked down to find my pantie liner stuck to is leg he now keeps checking haha xx

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That caused a smile. My husband used to be a long distance lorry driver . I always put our clean undies on the dressing table for morning. I got up one day and there was just a pair of Y fronts. Hubby had wrapped up my bra and knickers in a towel in the dark and set of for his trip down south. He was so embarrassed when he opened the towel and they fell out in a busy men's washroom at a truck stop.

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