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Had follow up with specialist

We had our consultation last week with the specialist and they did a few pulmonary functional tests and his lungs capacity was good apparently and he had another X-ray and they said it was better than the one we had previously, they said he has something behind the heart and so are going to do a ct, an excercise test with pads due to his chest pain on excercise and some other tests as his aspergillos allergy is so high. They didn't seem concerned at all but said we will go to the specialist hospital every 6-8 weeks during winter, so they must be slightly concerned? He is lots better at the mo, his only real symptom presently is he has pain below his sternum inbetween his ribs at the top, it's too tender to touch all the time, also he sweats excessively on a night recently no temp? Oxygen levels fine about 95/96 asleep, anyone have any ideas what it might be... this is following on from my previous posts about my seven year old son with 20+ admissions with pneumonias and chest infections thanks x

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Not quite sure. Hope they can fing some answers for you x

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Must be very worrying for you. Hope they can sort it out soon x


Thanks for replies



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