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Have I got COPD?

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I'm getting a little worried about my condition, I feel like someone is squeezing air out of my throat every time I inhale, I currently take amitriptyline which were prescribed as a muscle relaxant for my throat when modules were found on my voice box, tbh my throat has never really felt right since this happened about 5 years ago now, I also take omeprazole (Doc put me on these when I had a case of acid reflux) . I have been to docs a few times to try and explain how I'm feeling but they just listen to my chest and check oxygen levels and are now trying to say it's just anxiety, it's awful because I know deep down that my throat shouldn't feel like this, has anyone else had a similar experience and what would my next step be? Xx

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Hi sorry to hear this. To test for copd you need a spirometry test which is a machine you blow into and it measures among other things your lung function. Go back to your doctors and ask for one is my advice. I hope you find some answers. xx

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If you are concerned lease go back to your GP and ask for a breathing test, be adamant that you want one. If it's just to it your mind at rest . Let us know how you get on . love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Generally speaking, with copd it's hard to exhale. Reflux can cause difficulty breathing IN, so maybe have a chat with your doctor. Silent reflux, where the acid breaches the upper oesophageal valve and gets into the airways may cause this. I agree that a spirometry test would be useful.

I need help .my doctor said my x-rays are fine. They weezing sound comes from between my color bones. I struggle for breath And perspire a lot. Any advice would be gratly appreciated.

Oh ya, he said my lungs are fine but gave me albuteral pulls and a blue and red inhaler? ? I dont understand

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