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it is a fine day,

good morning all. much better day so far on the South Coast. Dry, sunny but with a very sharp wind. Yesterday so cold i put my heating on.

Welcome to Epollard a newbie. I was one last week or so and the comments from others was reassuring and helpful. I wish I had known about this site years ago when working, as could have directed others to it also.

I loved the poem today. One poem I like is Wordsworth's Psalm of Life. one verse in particular stands out.

"In the world broad field of battle, in the bivouac of life,

Be not like driven cattle, but a hero in the strife."'

the whole poem was given to me when aged about 10 years old and it has stayed in my memory since. Maybe not as fresh as it was, but still there.

cheers all.

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Hi Spooks ! We've been turning the heating on for about the last three weeks Mostly just in the evenings but now that it's dark at 8, A little heat makes everything cosier and more cheerful.


Mornin spooks where on the south coast are you . I'm on the south coast also and the weather is very sharp this morning lol....i agree with your comments on cystic fibrosis thing and can't understand why...its a question being asked for an answer hope you enjoy the rest of your day Angie x


not far from Brighton. live near the coast side of the A259 where are you?

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Ah I used to live in Angmering...but now in Hythe new forest area x


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