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Fibrosis cystic


I'm an Italian guy who is sick of cystic fibrosis,

I would like to know if I move to London, the NHS passes me all the free medication care and hospitalization and drugs.

can you tell me about everything?


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If as a visitor you become ill, you will treated as any other person.

To expect a supply of free medication and drugs, you have a poor understanding of our NHS and the EHIC.

What you consider to be free is paid for by UK resident taxpayers through National Insurance contributions.

There no such thing as a free meal.

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I totally agree and wrote as much earlier today , but my post has been removed as it seemingly offended somebody.


I agree entirely with stone. To access NHS treatment which is paid for by the British taxpayer you have to become British and pay your taxes first. I don't know where you got the idea it is free to everyone regardless of nationality. It's not.

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Lupen welcome to this forum as a European community citizen and under the EHIC as stated you will be entitled to emergency treatment only .if you come as a citizen looking for treatment for an existing condition you will be treated as a private patient at your own expense and you will need very deep pockets to pay for that treatment,Please do a little more research before venturing to our welcoming but also financially constrained has been stated we do not do free meals.................regards skis and a cat that pays

Very well said skischool, I couldn't have put it better myself. So Lupen please take notice of what everyone has advised. Also I'm sorry for your suffering.

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Hi skischool Just want to say I`ve noticed how pleasant you are in replying to people who are on the wrong site or who, as in this case, was asking a perfectly innocent question. Some replies make me cringe if someone`s come to the wrong site. That doesn`t represent the majority pf our COPD family. Love to Scruffy ! Sheila x

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Totally agree with you Sheila skis is very polite in his penmanship...and also I do cringe a lot at some replies when ppl happen to come upon us whether by accident or just to pose a simple question....i also some times cringe at skis and scruffers but in a heartfelt and friendly way because he's my bestie lol xxxx

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aw thank you my lovely,i shall try to be cringe free just for you.We have to try and be polite cos some of our foriegn visitors have been given the impression that everything is free here and who wouldn't try to enjoy that sort of society...............skisx


Italy has its own health system which should support you if you are an Italian citizen. The European network for the treatment of cystic fibrosis is very wide and connected.

Dear Lupen.

I am so sorry you are struggling so much with cystic fibrosis. I appreciate the problems you are experiencing within your own country. If it were possible for you to move to Milan, then I could give you the name of a very proactive respiratory consultant who has a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis. We are not allowed to mention doctors names on site but if you pm me I would be more than happy to give you details.

You could also contact the Euuropean Respiratory Society

Good luck to you and I hope you find the help you need.

Kind regards


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thanks to all the answers, I only wanted to know if coming to UK I was all like in italy.

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hi Lupen.. english is not my first language also.

i know its very difficult to write what you really meen to say.

when i read your post i did not think that you was expecting free fish and chips on arrival at Dover port. in fact i read it just as you just wanted to compair the health system with that in italy....

i hope some of the replys have been helpful to you..

i wish you well.


Hi Lupen,

Here's the information from the NHS website, stating the situation on accessing NHS healthcare as a visitor, and as someone who intends to become a UK resident.

As a visitor ..........

"The NHS in England is a residence-based system, unlike many other countries, which have insurance-based healthcare systems. This means that all visitors to England may have to pay for NHS healthcare, depending on their circumstances.

If you are a visitor from the European Economic Area (EEA) and you fall ill or have a medical emergency during your temporary stay in England, then you'll need a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by your home country. If you can't show a valid EHIC, you may be charged for your treatment".

As a resident.......

"The NHS operates a residence-based healthcare system and not every person is entitled to free NHS treatment in England. Provision of free NHS treatment is on the basis of being ordinarily resident and is not dependent upon nationality, payment of UK taxes, national insurance (NI) contributions, being registered with a GP, having an NHS number or owning property in the UK. Ordinarily resident means, broadly speaking, living in the UK on a lawful and properly settled basis for the time being".

Please let me know if I can help further.

Best wishes, Biddy, Specialist Adviser, BLF Helpline

Hi Lupen. CF is a horrible illness & you have my sympathy. There's a movement to standardise treatment throughout Europe. Try the ERS as suggested by cofdrop-UK and also this one You are very welcome to join our forum but a more helpful one for you might be the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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Excellent links Hanne. How are you Lupen?


thank you very much... thank's cofdrop-UK , thank's Hanne62 , thank's Biddy_BLFHelpline ecc... thank you very much to everyone. if I can get the mail of a doctor who deals with this speech I would be really grateful. thank you to everyone.

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