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Pulmonary hypertension

Does anyone know the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. ? Some of you know that I have cops from 45 years of smoking but my pft test numbers are all between 80 and 90 %... I notice that almost everyday I feel lightheaded and foggy only when I am walking... and I get more congested for a few minutes after eating anything. Where I have to cough to break up the congestion... also I get bouts where I am extremely fatgued to where I just want to lay down... my sleep is only 5 to 7 hours per night and I wake up 2 or 3 times to either pee or just wake up for a.minute then fall back to sleep. My heart rate seems to fall a lot between 44 and 60 when I'm laying down but goes up to 80s when I get up..

I'm not athletic and also gained 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks which is not normal for me... I'm 5 foot 7 and now weight 156 and I have been between 148 and 150 for many years... .. just wondering why all these weird symptoms...thanks for any feedback

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THANKS BUT i do not have racing heart rate its slow alot of times and no chest pains ... but i also get some soreness in my calf muscles lately

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Doctors can tell of xray looking at heart boarders BUT guess could look at each side of neck where jugular is usually can see if one side is raised more than other.

Hypertension can be low blood pressure or hight too

You might have silent infection if feeling wasted IF its not that be worn out as we burn more energy than someone who is not diseased


I have PH and have moved from mild to serious. This is first checked with a scan with the jelly and the ultrasound. They can work out the pressure on the Pulmonary Artery. I know exactly what you mean about lack of energy etc. But when at rest the body is working fine and coping however when you do anything it is struggling to get the extra oxygen into the lungs mainly because it is not expanding enough to allow this. I very often get dizzy when getting up as the extra pressure needed is not there.

It is frustrating as your brain is saying you can do that but then the body stops you. You seem to be a person with a good Heart rate at rest and it doubles so that is not uncommon. From my own experience I have found that a lot of doctors do not know a lot about PH I think that is down to the low numbers of people that get PH in the first place. My Lung consultant admitted this and I am still waiting to see another specialist.

Weight gain is a strange thing that does happen with PH and I cannot find a reason for this other than it is lack of activity? I have reduced my intake by a large amount but still put weight on?

I do find that when I have stopped walking I need to breath even more as I am suddenly Short of breath?

Make sure you are seeing a PH specialist.

Be Well


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