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Knew travel insurance would be expensive BUT not this much! Just had a quote for a 2 week holiday next year in the med for £1000! I have had breast; bowel & lung cancer - but all are clear - as they have been found at early stages & removed - OK I'm over 70 but can still get around. Has anyone else found travel insurance problems? If you travel independently - you can take a chance & if you stay in the EU, hope nothing happens & can use your EHIC card at 'public' hospitals - but if cruising they want your insurance details, so although we used to do this, it now appears out of the question, even for a short or mini one. It appears that the insurance companies are penalising people who have had cancer - it is not as though anything would happen to us during the couple of weeks we are away, unlike people who have heart problems & things can happen any minute. This in effect means that if you want to travel, you need a lot of money, more for the insurance than the travel! So if you have a 'pre-existing condition' you will be restricted to travelling in Britain (which is lovely at the right time of year) so looks like I'm not going to visit the Angor Wat etc & other places in the world. Sorry, but not feeling happy. (Also I forgot to mention to the insurers that I also have COPD which would probably upped the premium to £1500!).

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Hi if you type your search term in the Search British Lung Foundation box all previous posts and responses will come up. This issue has been discussed lots of times and there might be something there which will help.

Hi have. you tried insurance with. My travel insurance went down from £1000 to around £300 with them.

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Thanks, will try that one, it was a company I was trying to remember the name of as she deals with cancer cover.

Travel insurance varies - If under having test done, you may not get Travel Insurance at any price. I find COPD is far worse than Angina for pushing up the price. From £350 last year to go to Greece, to over £1000 this year as I may be having a loop recorder inserted. I stayed at home this year as the cost was more than the holiday. It's a rip of as most come home without any medical intervention.

If you have an EHIC card there is an add on called EHIC Plus, we took our annual insurance with them and it was very reasonable, admittedly we stopped cruising due to the exhorbitant insurance costs which they base on the fact that you may need air lifting off the ship


It's the same for me unfortuately so have made up my mind that it's the UK for me for future hols. I was tempted not to get extra insurance this time as it was so expensive, but glad I didn't succumb. On one day of my hol I was casually chatting to a nice guy that we had met when out of the blue he took ill, collapsed, and had to go to hospital where he received the best of treatment and was kept in for 4 days. I don't know how things would have gone for him without proper insurance. The way I now see now, it is like playing Russian Roulette if you dont have it. I suppose that you've done a lot of shopping around but wonder if you've been on any comparison sites. I use Medical travel compared.


Many have found the best way is to go through a comparison site. The BLF can’t single out any particular company as being better than another, but they do have a link with an insurance company called Fish Insurance.

I'm not recommending them and can’t promise they’ll be the cheapest but I do know they have a lot of experience providing insurance to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

You can contact them on 0333 331 3848 or visit their website

For every policy they issue, a donation will be made to British Lung Foundation.

I did a post on this as I have multi conditions the worse one for me is my Pulmonary Hypertension. Many of them refused me point blank once I got to that one! The best at the time was £750.00 but then another £750.00 for every treatment I have if I do end up in hospital.

Look in Google with "Travel insurance with pre existing illness's"

Be Well

My friends son, 40, died recently in America, he had an unknown heart condition. The ambulance, hospital and repatriation cost thousands. Imagine if you had to be helicoptered off a cruise ship in an emergency. We just don't know what's around the corner.

As lilaclil says, if you type insurance in to the search bar lots of info will come up. P

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last time i went cruising

I tried to get insurance and when I told the comparison site about my AF,COPD and high blood pressure, none of their insurers would cover me.

Try "" All Clear """. We use this company and have been pleased with the charges

They specialise in insurance for lung conditions , but that does not mean other problems are not covered.

We have just had a two week cruise around the Mediterranean and with my husband's 12 listed conditions and my three it cost us £186.

Between us we cover .....heart ,blood , kidney ,B/p. Cholesterol, bones ,stomach. Lung.

They are worth a try.


This was the company that gave me the quote.

Sorry about that ,would not have recommended if I had realised you had tried them ....... Amongst all our problems we both have copd. Hubby is stage 2 & I am stage 3. he is 79 yrs old. as you can imagine we are very happy with this company and their charges.

Best of luck in your search.


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