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Difficulty in walking


Hi folks

After having a night out on Thursday I came to a situation where I couldn't walk home and my wife had to go and get the car. My legs felt totally exhausted, slight knee pains. It's never happened to me before, usually I walk very slowly with plenty of rests but this time I totally conked out. Has anyone else experienced this? I'll try to see my GP asap. Just wondering if it's part of the course. I suffer with heart failure and emphysema .


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Hi Grayjay, I hope this is just a 'one off' experience for you. My leg muscles feel like they get exhausted, quite quickly whilst walking and keep pushing them until the muscle spasms get so bad that the pain stops me from moving them. It is not really my knee joints but the muscle spasms that make me walk as if on stilts, unable to bend them. I have been told that is Peripheral Vascular Disease caused by smoking. I do hope that this is not what is causing your problem, it is another chronic disease to have to fight against.

Whatever is causing your problem, I do empathise with that situation and it happens to me on a daily basis. I have only been stuck once and that cost me a taxi.

With perseverance I can now recover quite quickly and carry on walking. I am also having a little success with varying my walking speed by slowing down and speeding up again, I seem to get be able to get further that way, before the pain sets in.

Grayjay in reply to 2greys

Thank you very much for your reply. I am hoping that there is a remedy for this and not as you say another chronic disease. I will get to my GP asap to see if they can sort it out.

God bless.


What a frightening experience. My lung function is the mid 70's and I have just spent 4 days in London with a friend who has good health. We did a lot of walking but I was slower than her and did find myself getting sob when pulling my suitcase. We then spent around 8 hours on a coach coming back then had to walk for a taxi.

The next day my legs not only ached but felt very heavy and lethargic and my feet and ankles swelled up. I was so tired I couldn't move and spent the day either in bed or my chair watching telly. Today I am starting to recover.

What I am trying to say is you reach the point of exhaustion sometimes without really being aware of it, then your body can pack up. I am sure my lung function is higher than yours but I reached that point too. I hope it doesn't happen to you again though. xx

Grayjay in reply to Hidden

Thanks lilaclil,

That could be the problem as my feet are swollen and am very tired after being on holiday. I know how you felt after your trip, it's not very nice.

God bless.

Hidden in reply to Grayjay

It's not nice. I didn't realise how exhausted I was becoming and it sounds like you didn't either. I was cursing my copd I can tell you xx


I have been like that for over a year,but as I also have arthritis in my lower back which causes problems walking I am never sure what is actually the cause.😡

What makes it worse for me is that all of this has come over the last 12 months. I have dealt with heart disease for nearly 25 years and kept myself reasonably fit. Now I'm on a different journey.Off we go.

Grayjay,Hopefully given that you are aware of your limitations and are making all the right moves with regard to regular exercise and staying healthy this will prove to be a minor hiccup and a one off experience as 2greys states and that there will be a simple explanation to reassure you.Perhaps you just over did things on your recent holiday?

On a lighter note i have had many an experience of other worldliness events with my legs on nights out as a young man but none of them where health related and more to do with liquid substances i had imbibed,Try not to worry too much as i am sure all will be resolved soon............regards and best wishes skis

Hi Greyjay. I suffer emphysema and COPD and vascular disease and had a minor stroke last year. May times I have had he experience you describe and usually when its too cold or too humid or I am simply very tired. I often fail to see how tired I am getting. Part of the deal I think so not to worry too much but discuss with your doctor at the earliest chance.

Hi Hallentine47

Thank you for your reply. I went to my G P this AM and he has said it was due to my heart failure. Not much I can do about it unfortunately, maybe start shopping around for a scooter.


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