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By the SATS quick march


Well I never ever thought that I the incredible awe inspiring Dozy would ever play by the numbers. Numbers are for others, Dozy lives on the edge. Yeah, but, Dozy''s edge has eroded and from nice numbers like 96, can fall to 79 just by sitting up and putting legs on see of bed. OK that doesn't sound too bad if it weren't for the fact it takes 6 min to recover before the next move.

A loo break has to be prepared for before it is necessary. Cups of tea take 20 min to drink by which time they are cold. The dogs take advantage and my dinner is gone before I have had 3 mouthfus. Good job that's all I want.

Walking what''s that. Wheelchair to stair lift. Office chair to front door and buggy to local amenities. That would be the doctors. Oxygen has increased to 15l per minute. No venturi and a euro mask is now mask of choice. Not one of those hard horrible things, the old squishy ones are more comfy.

What do I do all day now. Nothing!! I have a cleaner for the teapot. Mr D does all the rest an I lie and vegetate and of course count SATS. What else is a spoilt mouse supposed to do

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Bless you little mouse, it's awful being that way, at the moment I am the same. I have to go and see my GP on Tuesday. You take care. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Hope it''s not raining then as scooter and water do not mix very well. Or are you driving? Feel better soon x

Love and the kindest thoughts to a special mouse. xx

Thank you for your kind words x

So glad to hear from you. I was getting worried. Hibernation fine - but all through the summer? And it is now the season for those boots. Get them out and get them on. And send us a pic. They are the perfect thing to wear in your scooter.

K x

They would have to be hand boots. Feet are swollen at present. Bring on the frusamide x

Good to hear from you Dozy. Sorry about those darn numbers though - make sure you stay safe and well away from the edge, as every little mouse should.🐭💕

DozyDormouse in reply to Magpuss

Have you ever looked at crashing waves from edge of cliff and wondered could I miss the rocks? X

Magpuss in reply to DozyDormouse

I'd never stand on the edge of a cliff Dozy, I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to heights. Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what it would be like to float on a cloud?☁️🌥 xx

Dear Dozy,

it's lovely to hear from you but I'm sorry life's become so difficult for you. You have such a good way of describing things, even the hard and really annoying ones, that it might divert and distract you if you wrote a little more. Maybe have your own blog? You would be a star ⭐️. Your sense of humour and way of looking at all the things that tie you in knots would attract a wide following and would teach people a lot about how painful lung conditions can be.

Just a thought. Could be better than counting SATS. Please continue to look after yourself in your teapot and come back soon.

Love, Sue xxx

When Dozy came out as a person it wasn't right. It is Dozy who laughs and is content with her lot. At least I know that at times I can count to 95. X

Keep counting lovely Dozy and enjoy being cared for. Wishing you the very best of everything. Xxxxxx

That's tough Dozy and would test the mettle of even the most optimistic little mouse. Does vegetating include still watching TV ? I hope so, because while we all considered ourselves too intellectual for TV at one stage, there's hours of entertainment there, at the flick of a remote. I love TV now and hearing that there's a new series of 'Up at the Chateau' starting, has me all of a flutter. I'm not a 'Strictly' fan but by all accounts it's really popular.

And is the mouse still reading and getting volunteers to get you out of the house for some fresh air ? I hope so. Don't give up Dozy, grab any pleasure you can and be selfish as hell. No point in being a martyr.

I don't stand on cliffs, real or metaphorical, too much of a coward. I can see why you might feel like that though and you should feel free to express how you feel. Are there any support services a little mouse in your predicament could use ? Would it be worth seeking them out ?

Lots of silly questions and suggestions, just what you don't need.

Sending you large chunks of cheese and making sure there are no traps or cats around :) What else can one do for a little mouse besides sending her lots of love and empathy ? If there is anything, please let us know.

I still love to get out. Bit of a palaver but doable. The red chariot awaits my every whim. It's all in the detail now. So next time you see a scooter think mose oxygen mask and manic grin. Favourite TV show at present the Coroner taken in Devon. Favourite thing of all breathing he he xx

Breathing !! That's a pretty ambitious favourite thing . You should be so lucky :)

I don't know if your a TV fan little mouse but I know I never was, but there's times now when I've had no choice. There's one programme I get really into and it called four in a bed , where people with B and Bs visit each other's to score. At first I was saying this must be all put up but realised it's not and you get to see all over different places and how other people really are horrid with there opinions about others. but you also see some good fare people who just can not be nasty even if it means they could loose. Try to give it ago if you feel at all well enough that is. It started to make me have a laugh again and take my mind off me. I prey that you get some peace soon mouse, please take care. Xxxx

Peace, plenty of that in the hereafter, so will just have to scamper around creating havoc looking for those darned sat. X

Good to see you little mouse,Do you still busy yourself with the colouring books I wonder? Some of them are needing a very delicate,fine pencil to complete. Quite intricate really and so many to choose from. Not good to hear things aren't great for the small mouse ,which makes it all the nicer to hear from you.

Take good care.

Got a bit OCD on it. But do not have the inclination at present. Too many other things like searching for my lost sats. X


Oh dear Dozy you are a little poorly mouse. Nothing wrong with your mind or your sense of humour though and that's the most important :) . Keep on trucking little mousey. xx

Hi DozyDormouse . I`m actually terrified of mice but you sound too nice to scream at. I`m not at 15 lpm yet thank goodness but I`m a mouth breather unfortunately which means my oxygen has to be on constant rather than pulsed and my cylinders don`t last very long. I think if you`re good with numbers you should be doing the Lottery or Online Bingo ! You take care, much love, Sheila x

Hi I think you are one very Brave little mouse and I send you very Best wishes and hope things get easier for you soon your posts are so entertaining and in the circumstances you are so Brave I Am in awe of you and which I was as Brave. I hope you are not like me A mouth Breather because your oxygen won't last very long take care and hope to hear that you have been able to have some nice adventures soon Best wishes to you and mr Dozy x

Dozy.I could send you scruffy cat for company,you would be in complete control as scruffy would be in total awe of you.Also mice are useful playful creatures that clean up the mess in life that others leave behind so we can not afford for you to leave us or we would all be in that mess..........................hang on in there with that humour and charm...............skis and scruffy cat xx

(((Hugs))) Dozy.

Hi DD,

I'm here to give you some hope of escaping this predicament you find yourself in. I was in a similar place some months back but lucky for me I attended an 8 week breathing class at my local hospice. I really thought there was nothing they could teach me but I was wrong, I had picked up bad habits and become blind to the obvious.

They got me doing stuff again but at the correct pace, I was still trying to carry on as I have been but I needed to readjust the speed that I was doing things and breaking down even short walks around the house into smaller sections. It worked so well and made me feel better about the way things were going. I was doing stuff again without all the extreme breathlessness which can be very demoralising and counterproductive.

It got me exercising again at a slow pace but one that suited me, I do it all first thing on 15 liters of oxy, 20 sit to stands on the side of the bed in around 15 mins, leg raises lying on the bed, pedal an imaginary bike while lying on the bed, stand by the side of the bed and do some upper body with my stretchy elastic band. Collapse back on the bed and recover.

I've been doing it all for around 2 months or more now and have seen quite an improvement and have lost over 1/2 a stone also.

My family have noticed a difference, I even walked around Aldi again instead of being pushed in the chair. It wasn't easy but I did it which proved to me the slow easy exercise is working.

Last weekend I hired a tramper at the forest of dean pedalabikeaway centre and did the 10 mile circuit. I was able to turn my oxy down to around 6 liters to make it last long enough. I couldn't have done this a few months ago so what I'm trying to say is you can get yourself out of this cycle of downward spiraling sats. I even drove the car back home after Sharon had a drink :) . She needed that after cycling the 10 miles with me in my electric armchair.

Hopefully the same could work for you and you'll be counting higher numbers soon, 98 + 98 = :) :) :) .

You can do this DD but you have to find the pace that suits you however slow that is and build on that :) .

Remember as a qualified member of the walking miracles club your a proven fighter so give it a go. Its my turn to sit on your shoulder and help you through this

Tony xxxxxxxxx :) .

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