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Hi everyone, just a quick update concerning my August scan results. My multiple lung nodules remain unchanged since my scan in April. Not the results I had hoped for because I had a cold in April when first scanned and was told by my specialist that there was every chance that they may disappear. At least they haven't increased in size or number. After a multidisciplinary meeting this week, arranged by my specialist, it has been decided to rescan in 6 months. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped and supported me since my copd diagnosis. I would not have got through the past months without you, especially as I had consulted dr google first and scared myself witless. Btw the only difference I noticed on scan results are:-April unremarkable scanned bones and August visualised bones are degenerative. Not sure about this, anyone come acoss this sort of thing before please? Love to you all. Carol xx

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  • Hi Ca3489,I think they see more without cold,better film. No change isn't all bad,it didn't multiply or grow. Also idk if same exact dr reading the testing as usually a radiologist or nuclear med doc specialty on the testing reads the results, puts details down,then the final impression,which is the part they usually tell and explain to us. I hope that helps.x

  • It was actually two different radiologists for both scans so i suppose how they read the scans may be subjective. Thanks for your reply lin.x

  • Your welcome,and yes its very subjective interruption. They can see obvious changes,but when "no change" to me,I goyeah no growth,no more just same. Bone changes are likely as we change actually all things change. I had 5 CT and they all say basically same but one is more detailed,more intellectually appropriate. Also factor in ..time and amt of these tests and radiology nuclear med reports read in one day...I'd guess very many. Best to you,and enjoy your day x

  • im waiting on my results aswell had my scan monday but im feeling very nausea all time i hope and pray mine has no change been so ill all week..cant shake the nausea feeling and im shaking and trembling..been doctors just gave me anti sickness tablets...i feel there is change in my im dreading it....if there is no change be a big releif....

  • Hi dawniee, its a terribly stressful time waiting for scan results and what you are describing are anxiety symptoms. I have no medical training, but it is exactly how i was when waiting for my results, and i couldn't sleep much either. I really do empathise with how you are feeling and hope you get your results quickly. The symptoms you describe are because, like myself when waiting, you are scared. This does make you feel very ill, but doesn't necessarily mean that your lungs are worse. I hope you get some peace of mind soon. Keep me posted if you want to. Carolx

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