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Gloucestershire Respiratory Exercise classes


Hi everyone, just to let you know that there is a Facebook page called Gloucestershire Respiratory Exercise if you fancy joining ?

The page supports all of us in Gloucestershire who are interested in getting off our bottoms and support each other in getting and keeping fit.

It is a closed group on Facebook so that we will feel freer in saying what is on our minds or questions we want to ask.

The page began supporting those who attend the Gloucester classes but the page is open to anyone with Lung Disease across the county.

I can't add a link because it is a closed group but if you would like to access the page then access via Facebook and request to join.

Have a good day folks 😊

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Hi Polly 😁

Would I be correct in guessing this is held during work days/times?


Afraid so Frose 😕. Wednesday 11-12, Friday 1-2pm, Monday time TBC in near future I believe. £2 - bargain!

PollyP introduced me to it and I'm very grateful 😃.... The tutor keeps plenty of hand gel and wipes to clean equipment between each use 😷

frose in reply to peege

Actually, I don't work Fridays!

PollyP in reply to frose

That is terrific news Fern, !!!

If you would like to join us then I will send you Alex, the instructors mob no and if you give him a call.... I think I have a referral form which you will need your GP to complete bring with you.

If you like to let me have your email by pm then I will look out the referral form for you.

Much love,

Polly x

frose in reply to PollyP

See PM 😊 x

I live in Cheltenham and was referred by my doctor a year ago and have heard nothing since. Do you know if there are classes in Cheltenham?

Hello puppy lover,

Oh yes there is a Respiratory Exercise class in Cheltenham! A small one !

Do you mean Pulmonary Rehab or Respiratory Exercise though ? I know the Pulmonary Rehab course often has a 6 month waiting list.

I attend the Respiratory Exercise class in Cheltenham at the Leisure Centre in Tommy Taylor's Lane alternate weeks.

You will need a referral form I can ask the instructor this week where to get them from?

I got mine from the Community Respiratory Team who were seeing me at the time.

You are also welcome to join our classes in Gloucester- lots more people, 26 on the register 😊

Again a referral form will be needed to be completed by your doctor or practice nurse. I can let you know how to get one.

Let me know if I can help more.

Best wishes,


Hi Polly, have seen respiratory nurse today. I'd like to join the exercise group. I think I can as I understand it fit it around work. Please message when convenient. Thanks, Ecogirl

PollyP in reply to Ecogirl

Hi Ecogirl,

Thanks for your interest in exercise sessions.

There are two options, sessions in the Forest of Dean and sessions in Gloucester, and one in Fairford too. Maybe one in Cheltenham?

I don’t know where you are located as to where might suit you.

I attend a weekly circuits class for older people in Churchdown which is not specifically for respiratory patients but I love it!! ( mostly older people attend )

I am getting up to date contact details for you and will he in touch again soon.

Good wishes.

Hi Polly,

the Respiratory nurse today said there were special sessions at the Deaf centre in Gloucester. I live in Gloucester. It depends too when the sessions run. I work, but have some short days and could offer up a morning. I am mobile but want to keep more fit and lung fit. Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated.

PollyP in reply to Ecogirl

Hi Ecogirl, not sure about the sessions at The Deaf Centre ?

Here is the info you need.

Monday and Friday at Murray Hall 11-12

Wednesday at Abbeydale Community Centre. 11-12

Alex Bromfield is the instructor

Contact him on


If you need more information do let me know.

Alex will know me as Pauline 😊

Thank you, I will follow up.. maybe the Respiratory nurses info is out of date. Going to see the Nurse practitioner at the GP surgery tomorrow. Will mention to her also. Will try to let you know how I get on. :)

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