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Follow-up from 'Job Satisfaction'.

My sputum specimen was much admired.

So much so a monthly one's required.

Amoxicillion goes in the bin.

And replaced with Clarithromycin.

The list of complaints that I have got,

Gets ever longer, but that's my lot.

It's no good dwelling on what I've lost

I'm not ready for Bifrost.

(I bet that last word has you Googling.)


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Stay well away from Bifröst!


A bit more exciting than the other one, eh?

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Very good Don and no Bifrost for you. Xxxx

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You're right, it did - I'll remember that for when I'm playing scrabble, but don't you go anywhere near it.

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wouldn't it come under foreign word or location and not count?


Good point, you may be right - still, worth a try🙂

Oh dear, have to admit that I thought bifrost was something to do with being deep frozen when you have popped your clogs Certainly hope you are not ready for the rainbow bridge!! Please keep up with your poetry, it so btightens my day. All good wishes, Judith

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Keep up the good work Don, hope the clarithomycin does the job. Xxx

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Thank you pegbl i'm hoping it will reduce the number of times that I need to take antibiotics.

Love reading your blogs, keep them up

Like reading your blogs. Keep them up

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