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Hurricane Party ( Not Having Any Fun With Irma )

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Well, it is 3:30am Sunday and Linda and I ( and our 3 kitties ) are sheltering in place in Clearwater, Florida awaiting Irma's visit.

Hurricane Irma is now forecast to go right through us sometime later today. We will now see if my planning works out. I have my concentrator for use until the power goes out. Then I will use my SimplyGo Mini pulse POC through the daytime ( have 2 regular batteries and 1 extended life battery ). I plan on recharging my POC batteries as needed off my auto's electrical system while sitting in my auto idling the motor. And lastly, I have squirreled away 7 E tank cylinders that I will use at nighttime as I definitely need continuous flow for sleep. Oh, there will not be much of a view out of our windows, actually there will be no view outside our windows as I had a contractor board up all our windows. In any event , this is what you get sometimes when you live in Paradise , it occasionally becomes Paradise Lost! Oh well, it is going to be a fine day today, regardless! Kindest Regards to All, judg69

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Thinking of you all, you seem very well prepared.

Wishing you the best of luck. I'll be thinking of you. XXX

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Be safe some of my family live in cocoa beach area hope it passes quickly without damage to you and yours xxxx

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Good luck, I am thinking about you. My friend is on her own in North Port because her husband is in New York and another friend who has just finished renovating her house in the Keys has made it out to her house in North Carolina. I do hope that your well laid plans work out.

sending the bestest, calmest wishes to you & your family x

Thinking of you all.

Thinking of you all. Please stay safe xx

My thoughts will be with you today. Hope you come through this okay.

You and your neighbours are in my thoughts.

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Take care of yourselves and I hope Irma ignores you and your home. xx

Seems like you have everything in order should it be needed hopefully it won't thinking about you and yours keep safe x

Good luck, judge69. Please keep us informed. Albert.

Wishing you well. Xxx

Wishing you well and hoping that you, Linda and the kitties stay safe.xx

Depending on where you are in Clearwater, you could perhaps want a raft for later! Your plan sounds pretty good. Only hesitation I have is your reliance on your car to recharge POC batteries. Hopefully you car is WELL above the expected storm surge! Good luck to you and will keep you in my prayers.

Thinking of you Judg69. I hope all is still well with you and Linda. Please let us know how you are when you can get online again. Stay safe, Annie

I hope you remain safe!! X

Hope you're OK!

Let us know how things went. Of course you may be with power so may not have any way to communicate for a while. I hope all is okay there.

Power is back up thankfully. Did end up spending one day/eve with a friend who amazingly still had power. My plan for oxygen use worked fairly well , and at least got me through it. If I learned anything, it is just that , if you are on oxygen it is imperative that you have a plan for emergencies. Thanks for all the good wishes. Best Regards, judg69

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