Oxygen Please

With IPF (or the like) You get loads of thinking time. Some absolutely off the wall thoughts. I was watching TV and found myself thinking - If you watch ‘Lord of the Rings’ backwards. It’s just a story about a bloke who gets a ring from a volcano & walks home.

Which is similar to watching your wedding video in reverse - From the point were you give the ring back, walk back down the aisle, get in the car & hop off home.

I’ve been ever so active in my life time and now - I wanna do so much but I can’t. Today has been particularly bad.

First - I had a guy come round to fix the lawn mower. He kept beckoning me from the house, at regular intervals, to talk about his progress. After 3 trips there and back - I wanted to throttle him. I was just so out of breath. To top it all he asked if I could move my car!! In my head that was yet another 2 walks - I kept thinking Mo Farrah wouldn’t have had the stamina to do what I did.

Secondly: A trip to a new dentist to sort out implants that have come loose. I’ll give you the full run down of my dental treatments another day. Today was just an initial meet & greet. A few prods and the odd probe, an x-ray and I was fleeced of a few hundred quid. Can’t wait till my next visit in 2 weeks - which should give me enough time to rob a bank!!!

Thirdly: I had to get a full MRSA test done by my local surgery, who got it wrong first time round. They only took a nasal swab and the hospital need the full works - groin and sputum.

I arrived at the surgery and was told by the receptionist that no one was available to swab - So - here’s a swab kit - toilets over there - do it yourself.

I headed to the bathroom with a swab kit in hand and the portable oxygen pack on my back. Moving my body round a small space was no mean feat. As I swabbed my lower regions, coughed up in a plastic bottle and ran a spear up my nostril - heaven knows what people outside thought. There was a lot of cursing. My oxygen pack was banging on the sink and it was also setting off the hand dryer every two minutes. I came out of toilet with a sweat on but successful in my task.

There was no big thank you at reception - just a quick leave it there and I headed to the door..

I may have lost out on a rehabilitation course last week but after today - I feel I’m filling in the keep fit gaps adequately on my own.

Hope you’re all OK

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I would of throttle law mower guy ... or at very least threw him out of my house / garden.

It's empowering AND gives you buzz like your taking back control of your life :)

Like gosh what did the want swab of groin for ... I know hosptial gown's have no @&& in them but it's not like you touch everything with your groin.

I blame the youth of today for groin swabs .. had forgot they walk round holding it OR is it the worry it might fall of .. anyway GUESS sign of insecurity lol

LOL Jeff - all the best to ya.

Oh dear me Nigel, you couldn't make it up could you! What a day.

People don't understand severe breathlessness and can be a pain. Lawnmower man being an example.

Well done on the swabbing but it seems as if the cheery receptionist doesn't understand much either.

Hope today is better for you. Take care. Xxxxxx

Thanks Sassy. I'm thinking of booking a Premier Inn and hiding for the day. Have a good one

Re reverse films, have you tried watching the news on TV and playing your favourite LP? Free singing "All right now" to pictures of Charles and Camilla. Or the link man singing "The shadow of your smile".

LOL I must try it

Hi Nigel I understand exactly what u are going thru. I can't even get the energy up to go down n get my mail. People don't understand . I had an appt with a surgeon due to a hiatal hernia that gets worse more ofte, . it affects my breathing n eating..food doesnt stay down. My old pulmonologist said no surgery . I can't live with this pain. Another doctor said it's considered emergency medicine at this point. So I m scared n don't know what to do. I want to get out but no energy. Just glad I love in Florida n have a terrace that over looks the interviews , n My backyard is the beach n ocean. Only reason I stay here. Good luck

Oh, pinky that's horrible I dont have the the strength or breath to go get my mail everyday my husband has to do everything it seems like I feel bad for him working and then coming home to do more work but I am trying I'm sorry that you can't keep food down and the doctors feel as if they can do anything for you but a view is better than nothing I guess Florida has alot of humidity doesn't it I really hope it gets better for you


Sound like you're having a tough time. You're right a lot of people don't understand. BTW sound lovely where u live. Good luck Pinky

It is that is what keeps me here. I am at peace living on the water in my backyard n in front of my condo too.

I would love to know when receptionists have the good sucked out of them. I know what you mean when no one understands how it affects you, I get "You do not look ill!" all of the time I have to restrain myself from replying with "You do look like a doctor!"

LOL you are so right. I stood outside the surgery breathless and someone wanted a chat. I felt bad but I had to apologise for being No Chatty!!

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