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Air purifier/humidifier


Every morning I wake up back of nose throats and airway clogged up wit mucus so thick as a lot of my ou know some I think is PND and some reflux I virtually feel I am going to choke , some one suggested air purifier or some to make the air moist , I am on 2 litres of oxygen while sleeping any recommendations or suggestions lovely people xxx

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You may benefit from sleeping in a slightly raised position. Either raise the bed at one end or use extra pillows.

Thanks stone I will give it a try also xx

Hi Carol,

Have had a Puremate Purifier with Ioniser for about two years now and swear by it. Have also got a dehumidifier of theirs (see my post about it) and that's also great.

The Purifier (with Hepa filter) model I've got, the PM500, is on sale at the moment and reduced from £120.00 to £79.00 so you might want to take a look at it.

Here is a link for the website:

Give it a try - it might work for you.

Good luck, Eric 👍

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That link didn't work. Try this one:

Thanks I will take a look does it help with your allergies xx

sufferer2 in reply to carolg1

Hi Carol,

Sorry about the late reply but I haven't been on the forum in the last couple of weeks.

Yes the Purifier certainly has helped me and also the dehumidifier has as well. When the weather is rainy (as it is most days in this country) I don't think I would survive without using them - also they are very cheap to run which is a blessing in these days of high electric bills.

Below I have pasted a posting of mine from a couple of years ago about using a dehumidifier - take a read of it as it might help you decide if you should have a purifier or a dehumidifier.

Don't forget that there are many brands on the market but I can only comment on the ones I bought which were the Puremate brand.


I was diagnosed with COPD in the summer of 2013 having suffered with constant coughing both day and night for about 6 months prior.

I was unable to lie down in bed to sleep and had to sit upright propped-up with pillows so that I could at least get a little relief.

Even so I was lucky if I could get more than a couple of hours sleep a night.

Having been issued with a Spiriva powder inhaler and a Ventolin Evohaler, after attending a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme at my local hospital and being given advice on how best to manage the condition I had to get on with the rest of my life as best as I could.

Despite taking the prescribed medications as directed they gave me little relief and each day became more of a struggle to combat the illness.

Then at the beginning of December 2015, with my condition rapidly deteriorating, I began to search the Web in earnest to try and find some answers to my problems.

To cut a long story short something steered me in the direction of purchasing a Home Dehumidifier with a built in charcoal filter and ioniser.

Living in the UK, as I do, we can get very high levels of moisture in our homes due to the excessive amounts of rain that we get.

This can basically fill the lungs with water from the atmosphere and I was coughing up excessive amounts of watery phlegm on an hourly basis.

The humidity level inside your home should be in the range of 40 – 65 (on a scale of 100) and, having purchased a cheap gauge costing about £3.00, I found that the levels in my home were reading a massive 85.

So I went online and purchased a dehumidifier costing £120.00 and which could remove about 10-12 litres of water a day from the air in your home.

It arrived about a week before Christmas and when I set it running it was giving a reading around 85 and, running it for just 12 hours a day, it was removing 2-3 litres of water from the atmosphere on a daily basis and the humidity level reading was gradually getting lower.

After 4 weeks of use the humidity level is now down to between 45 & 50 and the level of water that it is removing is getting less and less everyday.

My home was not showing any signs of having these high levels (such as mould on walls & ceilings, windows running with damp etc.) but I still had very high levels just the same.

My condition has improved in leaps and bounds over those 4 – 5 weeks and I now find that I am no longer coughing day and night, in fact I hardly cough at all now, and I no longer need to use the Ventolin Evohaler.

I am able to sleep at night now and my mental health, (I was getting very depressed and may I also say verging on suicidal?), is also starting to improve as my health gets better.

So the question is did I have or not have COPD? I don't really know, but I do know that my health has started to improve now (although I feel that some damage has been caused to my lungs because of all the years of coughing) and I am looking forward to a healthier life.

The doctors didn't seem to be able to help me – the answer to my problems was the dehumidifier and, although it might not be the answer for everyone, it could possibly be the answer for you too.

So, in conclusion, I offer this advice to those suffering with this dreadful condition.

(1) - Go online and get yourself a cheap Humidity Gauge for around £3.00.

(2) – Use it throughout the home for a week and see what readings you're getting.

(3) – If you find that you are getting high readings get yourself a dehumidifier.

(4) – The £120.00 that I paid for it was the best money I have ever spent in my life.


Hi, thanks for your reply very interesting too, I purchased the little humidity gauges and mostly the level is between 47 - 55% which is good yes ? My problem I think is sinus and allergy related so my chest becomes wheezy dry and tight and my mucus is thick salty and sticky , I can feel it setting at the back of my nose, so I was wondering about an air purifier with a mist humidity or something any thoughts xx carol

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