Urgent help bowel movements

Hi everyone after 2 years of hell in wretching out copious amounts of mucus I know know the main cause but unfortunately not a lot can be done about it medically, I have achalasia/jackhammer esophogus whereas my food drink intake constantly regurgitates mixing with some chest mucus and floods into my chest and also blocks my stomach and bowel the pain when things are stuck is excruciating and at a point where I can barely breath, I have been given morphine slow release tablets and oromorph for inbetween apparently this will relax my smooth muscles to stop the spasms, but the drawback is the blocking mucus which jams my system is even worse as I'm getting very constipated , never thought. Ring constipated could be so scary I can barely breath until it's out, the pressure in my head and breathing is unbelievable, they have given me movocol yet another med ! I know if it does the rick that's good, but I want to try a natural approach as your body I think stops working for itself if your useing meds, so any magical advice I'd be eternally grateful thanks xx


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22 Replies

  • Hi

    Oramorph is known to cause constipation, I suspect morphine tablets have similar effect. You are usually given a mild laxatives.

  • Yes stone that's what they have given me moviolal, but I was just wondering about natural products , I'm taking that many meds at the moment I and they all bring some kind of side effect it's such a vicious circle for us , thanks for the reply xxx

  • Are you getting enough dietary fiber/roughage? Back in NZ when I was a youngster we would be given "fruit sandwiches" made with wholemeal bread, very high in fiber. Before you say yuk, think "jam sandwich".

  • Black licorice is a good natural laxative, if you like it. I do, but avoid it because I've the opposite problem! I'm so glad to hear you've a diagnosis at last, Carol - even though you're stuck with it, at least you know the reason for your copious mucus production.

  • As an aside Hanne I understand proper licorice is also good to take when taparing off steroids.


  • Didn't know that, cofdrop. I'll look into it. I'm tapering off at the moment.

  • Seen it mentioned on BRUS quite a lot.


  • Hi Hanne , what a diagnosis ! After years of horrendous torture n fear I now know what's wrong but unfortunately nothing much can be done, it is terrifying to think I've got to live my days out like this wondering whether today's the day I choke , or completely block my airway, its bad enough with the lung problem but now I wonder whether it's this that's made my lung situation worse, I'm hoping some medic somewhere can help me, I won't give in , I hope you are well xx

  • Not particularly well, no, but glad I don't have this achalasia of yours, I just googled it & it sounds awful. Glad you're not giving in though, Carol. Is there any research going on - maybe you could think about joining a clinical trial?

  • Oh Carol I so empathise with you. It is miserabale to say the least with GI stuff. If I knew of anything other than the medications they ask us to take, then believe me I would be taking them with you.

    I am hoping they can drastically improve yur situation. I have lots of questions myself after showing positive for small intestinal bacterial overload following a few years of problems and tests and much weight loss.

    Wishing you the best.

    love cx

  • Hi cofdrop, let me know how you get on xx

  • Will do - going end of August. Meantime I hope you get some solutions.


  • Help from Reader's Digest:


  • flax seed is all natural, mix in your food, smoothie, some people can stand more than others, me its less than a tsp, my friend can take a tblsp. I would be glued to the loo lol. Some people take Metamucil but I hate how is doesn't dissolve and you have to keep stirring it. Hope that helps a little

  • Good morning carolg1, Try peeling and eating at least two ripe 🥝 Kiwi fruits every morning, morphine is known for causing constipation, a miserable condition on top of everything else, Do hope things will soon improve, Best wishes Bulpit.

  • I make my own very high fibre muesli using porridge oats, oat bran, nuts, seeds and raisins, which I find very effective for dealing with my natural constipation which is made worse by some of the tablets I take. Other high fibre foods like wholemeal, whole grain, jacket potatoes, small seeded fruit, oranges, rhubarb, should also be chosen through the day, and drink lots of fluids to help plump up food waste as it passes through you - 2 litres per day, which can be water, tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice, etc. A 250 ml drink with every meal, plus the same amount the start and end of the day and between meals will help you achieve that.

  • At our house we find DulcoEase, a softener does the trick gently. When required.

  • I always have some tins of prunes in the cupboard, fnd thse useful for constipation. Also some stewed (microwaved) sliced bramley apples with some frozen blackberries, I like them with custard, all help. As already said, lots of water helps. Codeine is my worst enemy, and yet a useful painkiller at times.

  • No doubt about it morphine is the culprit. Ducolax is great ...gentle and effective

  • Hi - I am with Slimming World but partner has COPD. Our leader at SW is also a nurse and recommends a very natural method that she often gives to children. I can confirm that it works! You need a small tin of pears, a small tin of prunes (stones removed) and two bananas. Blitz the lot in a blender with a pint of water so that you make it into a drinkable smoothie. It can be kept in the fridge for day or so but it is not too unpleasant to take. I promise you it does work. Best of Luck

  • Hello Carol,

    I really feel for you.

    I'll advise you try out alternative therapy / Herbal treatment.

    I understand how you feel and I also feel the same after discovered me and my family members are suffering from related infections.

    Please try and access these website I stumbled on after long search for alternative cure for infections. If you can afford to buy their products. As me I can not afford to.






    (Discuss with the Doctor, on this site and their products seems to be more affordable than the first suite)

    It's better to get a cure for your infection first, cos your your prescribed medications seems to be making your situation worse.

    Before I started taking Antibiotics, I had only 1infection, but now I have two different infections which have spread to my entire family members as well.

    I am now as scared as you are,

  • Thank you Kay I will check it out take care x

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