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PR Referral Finally!


Morning all. I've been waiting since April 7th (review, moved to stage 3 COPD) and after numerous calls and complaints I have finally been given a date to start my PR. Next Wednesday, 26th July at 1pm. Considering that I am moving this weekend, the timing is a bit rubbish but having waited all this time there is no way I going to cancel it!

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Enjoy! :)

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Thank you! :) not sure I'm going to enjoy the beep test, assuming that's what they do lol 🏃🏻

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There will be a 6-minute walk test at the beginning and end of the course as a means of measuring improvement. You'll 'walk it'. ;)


That's a bit like winning £500 on a scratch card when you've just won £3,000,000 on the Lottery. :-)

Good luck with the move to North Wales.

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Thanks Don, if you feel like turning up in your camper to help with moving feel free lol 😂

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There's not much room left in my campervan with me and Midge in it. I could dispense cups of tea and meals on wheels. ;-)

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Haha perfect! I can see it now 'Want any sauce in the burger guv?' 😂

Thats fantastic Brian - Good Luck : >

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Thank you KW 👍 I'll let you all know how it goes :) x

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Excellent, Thank you Brian. I will keep my eyes peeled : >

Good luck. Better late than never 😃. I'm sure that you'll really enjoy it. XXX

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Thanks Pam. Fingers crossed :) x

lol still waiting for my own PR. But enjoy yours and keep us informed good luck!

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Thanks Bessie! :)

Timing may not be as you would have wished but I think you'll appreciate the break from all the stress of moving and, I'm sure you'll enjoy doing PR so hopefully it's win win, for you.

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Thanks Magpuss, I'm looking forward to it :)

I had to wait months when I done PR but what I coudnt understand some were on their 3rd time at doing it and said they got in quick baffling at the least

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After waiting since April, i had to really chase it. Wonder how those with you had got it three times? Guess it all depends on area and availability?

Have fun! I'm starting mine next week, really looking forward to it!

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Fingers crossed for both of us then 😎

Brian, you will actually enjoy the rehab and will benefit from it . I am finishing up my session tomorrow ( in the States) and have nothing but good things to report. It will still leave you the bulk of the day to attend to your move. Regards, judg69

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Thanks for the reply Judg69, hope your PR went well for you :)

Hi, Brian,

I have IPF, diagnosed in Feb 2017, i just finished 16 sessions of PR and would recommend it anyone, great course. Exercise levels at set at a level to challenge you and you need to be honest on how it makes you feel You reap the benefits if you do similar exercises at home everyday. Once you see yourself getting stronger you up the weights and resistance to test yourself again and it starts all over again. The staff monitor you at every opportunity to make sure you are doing it properly and NOT over doing it.

You get a six minute walking test prior to starting the PR course and another once you finish it, this show you how much progress you have made. If you don't continue the exercise program at home you will lose all the hard earned benefits and so be back to how you felt prior to the course. You also learn techniques on how to control your breathing, I cannot speak highly enough about the course.

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Thanks Ian :)

That's great news Brian. I think it will do you the world of good! I hope the moving goes well. Take good care. xx 🌸

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Morning Cas, and thank you. Last night we watched a movie called Lost in Translation which was mostly filmed in a famous hotel in Tokyo. Made me even more determined to visit Japan one day 😎👍 xx

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I will be here waiting!! 😊

You are fortunate! For some the waiting list is 6-12 months...enjoy !

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Really? Is that how long you've waited? I thought my four month wait was bad! :)

Good luck with your move and the PR course. I hope you decide to post your results of the before and after six minute walk test as there is often a significant improvement which is encouraging to others.

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Thank you, and yes that's a great idea. :)

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