Hi can anyone help I have posted this problem before I take spiriva inhaler but it is not lasting 24 hours and I take ventolin to bridge the gap,

I phoned my doctor this morning and he said don't take the ventolin but take the spiriva twice a day does anyone know if this is ok thanks

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  • I thought Spiriva was supposed to be 2 inhalations?

    "You will need to use this inhaler ONCE A DAY, at the same time each day. Each time you use it take TWO PUFFS."

    Page 19 :- "Taking your full daily dose (2 inhalations from the same SPIRIVA capsule): "


  • No my doctor prescribed 60 capsules not 30 so it would be two puffs twice a day

  • Hi you need to follow your doctors instructions as we cannot advise you go against medical advice. It is beyond the remit of this site. Why not contact the nurses at BLF and ask for their opinion?

  • When you take your speriva do you inhale twice or once if you only do it once you are not getting all the medication.

  • The leaflet says to take 2 puffs with the same capsule to make sure you get all the medicine from the capsule.

  • My confusion is now solved .I have the spray so couldn't fathom out the reasoning behind the post cheers 2greys x

  • Hi I'm on spiriva 60 capsules. Twice daily 2 puffs each. Time that's how it works take care 😷

  • Are you also on a steroid inhaler x

  • Hi I had the same problem with spiriva it had helped to start but when it stopped helping I insisted I try a different inhaler it took a while for nurse to agree but I'm now on Duaklir Genuair it's taken twice a day I've been on it one month now I find it's helping me alot so try asking Dr about it as it cud be what u need it's white & orange

  • Wow I've just been reading the answers when I was on spiriva I was only told one puff daily I only ever got 30 capsules at a time are any of you on any of the copd sites through fbk they are very helpful

  • I think the normal dose is two inhalations once a day from the same capsule. My understanding is that the two inhalations are recommended as one inhalation may not be adequate to get all of the medication out of the capsule. If you can take a very forceful inhalation you may well get all of the medication in one inhalation but there is no way to know so the standard recommendation is two inhalations.

  • I can't really answer your question as I don't find any noticeable difference when I take my spiriva, so I couldn't say how long it lasts. But I think if your doctor is telling you to take 2 capsules a day then that is what you should do. Follow his advice, I'm sure he knows best.

  • I am now on spirit in m.ist form and working much better

  • Hi My partner is on spiriva amongst other things and he takes it twice a day once in the morning and then at night. He is also on ventalin and has a nebuliser 3 times a day. Obviously this has been monitored by the GP and then the consultant. He is really bad at the moment though not on oxygen yet. Seeing GP on Wednesday to check as taking gases when at rest is not a true picture so keeping my fingers crossed. Each person is different so if GP says take it twice a day (two puffs each time) you should take it and then get a full check up. Best of luck.

  • Hi - I must apologise as I got the Symbicort 200/6 Turbohaler mixed up with his spiriva tiotropium, which yes he only takes once a day in the morning. Have just gone through his medication which I have on a spreadsheet. I tick off as he takes them as he is on so many. Hence the check-up on Wednesday. Will be getting him an ecg to check his heart as his breathing is really bad when he has a panic attack. His oxygen levels go down to 72/74 and then once he has recovered may go up to 92 but very rarely any higher. They have only ever taken his gases when he is calm so it is not a true reading. He hates hospitals so it is going to be a challenge.

  • Hope all goes well for you both it is so good to hear he only takes spiriva once what I know now may I say give him a tiny bit of cayenne pepper in a cup tea start very tiny and build it up to half tea spoon it really is a wonder herb with great results all the best.

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