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Borderline COPD



Just been diagnosed after variou tests, Spirometry being one. I am confused...the 2 readings from this were 70% and the other 57% which the Dr says is borderline COPD, however reading info on these readings would suggest I definately have COPD and at stage 2? So am confused...can anyone help with the answer as need to know if I have it or not. 6 months increasingly breathless which is why I went to the Docs. I am a smoker buy going to try to switch to vaping. Thanks in advance

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Many thanks for 63 and the FEV1 not sure if that one was the 70% or 57% she said the 57% was on the exhale one (which ever that one was!) Either way reading these FEV readings suggest its COPD and not border line. Your right I guess the smart thing to do is ask the Dr :-)

Many thanks


I took the advice and spoke to the senior partner of my GP practice and he confirmed I do have COPD and is putting an antibiotic on a repeat script so I can have some and take immediately if I feel a chest infection coming on. He explained everything really well so now I know what I have and can do something about it. It has made my mind up now to retire the end of March next year as my job brings me into a lot of potential infections, so at least that is now settled in my mind. Thanks for the help and advice.

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