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Chest x-ray showing 'opacity'


Hi..I have had a chronic cough for several months and my Dr put it down to allergies and GERD but sent me for an x-ray to be sure. The x-ray has shown a small ill defined area of opacity in the lower right lung.

I'm terrified...I have only just turned 40 and have 3 children - my anxiety is so bad that I'm having to take low dose diazepam to cope.

The Dr referred me as an urgent fast track case to be seen within 2 weeks. On Friday the consultant rang me and said he really didn't think it was anything to worry about and most likely infection. Just to be sure he's sending me for a CT scan within the next 2 weeks.

Would an infection show like this on an x-ray?

Thanks xx

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Hello there evizza. Welcome to the site and well done you for coming to us for support instead of turning to the dreaded Dr Google. First of all, we aren't doctors so we cannot diagnose you. Having said that, you seem to have a very good GP for sending you for an xray and an even better consultant for phoning you to say that he didn't think that it was anything more than an infection and nevertheless having a ct done just to check that there isn't some other damage. You are being well looked after.

An infection would show up on an xray and a ct scan would show, or rule out, any underlying cause which might need treatment or ongoing management.

There was a nasty virus around some months ago which seems to have left many with a lingering infection and that could be it. If it turns out that you have any other condition you need not panic. Many of us on this site have been living with different chest conditions for many many years. We have control of our condition and lead very full lives, including bringing up children.

Try to stay calm whilst the investigations go on. Do let us know the outcome. We are always here for you. xx

evizza in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the replies. I'm really hoping it is just the remnants of an infection, but of course until I get this ct scan done, I will think the worst. I have anxiety to thank for that. Since the Dr told me about the x-ray I can't stop coughing- another anxiety induced symptom I hope. I will let you know how I go on xx

Hi evizza

Great reply from littlepom.

I have bronchiectasis, which doesn't show up on xray but would on an ct scan, but in the past shadows have shown up, as with you, and it has always turned out to be the remnants of a chest infection.

Please try not to get ahead of yourself with worry (easier said than done I know) but as lp says, let us know how you get on and know we will be here to support you.


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