Stabbing pain behind my shoulder blade in my lung

Hi , I am new to this page. I have suffered with COPD for 5 yrs or so. I have a reaccuring pain in my left lung. A stabbing pain when I move or breathe in . I was looking on the net to find out what it could be and found this page . I think It might be plurecy and I have had this a numerous times over the years,but I have never been diagnosed by the dr with it !


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9 Replies

  • With any new symptom it is always best to get it checked out by your GP. There could be numerous reasons for this type of pain. Googling symptoms can often lead to unnecessary worry as different conditions often have similar symptoms.

  • It eventually went away, but after 2 months its back with avengence, im going to book apt with dr this time !

  • Hi i spoke to a top doctor a few weeks ago at the hospital, because i was having pain in my left ribs and he told me the lung does not have pain recepters, looks like a trapped nerve (costo) maybe, i do have Emphysema on the edge off the lung but i dont suffer from breathng issues, and i gave up smoking last year, and now vape instead....

  • I have suffered before with costachonditus, but its mainly in the sternum,had this after a bump on the curb in my car and my seat belt yanked me

  • Nobody here can diagnose you 67RITA and there are numerous things that could cause the pain as Badbesssie has already said, from a collapsed lung to a pulled muscle. The only one who can find the cause and offer treatment is a medical professional.

  • It eventually went away, but after 2 months its back with avengence, im going to book apt with dr this time !

  • Good idea. :)

  • RIta i get this often the doc said it was because of all the breathing difficulties i have. it goes after a few days,I can,t breath very well at night so my lungs must be taking a pounding.

  • I often wake up with this. I think it could be a build up of mucus overnight. Speak to Gp

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