Midfoot arthritis

I suffer very badly from Osetoarthritis in my knees, hips, shoulders, spine and hands. I wonder if anyone suffers from arthritis of the midfoot. If so could they give me any advise on what they do to ease the pain?? I am due into to have specialised injection under a general anaesthetic but do to my lungs collapsing during surgery end of Jan 17. I've just had lung ct scan and heart scans, now waiting for lung function tests to be done before I can have these injections. I know I have chronic asthma but might be other problems as I'm so breathless when walking. Would be grateful if anyone knows anything. Thank you. Have a good bank holiday Monday.

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By midfoot do you mean as in your instep .like the achilles??? I have planters fascitits which when it flares can be agony...i use a tennis ball under my foot and roll it back n forth helps a treat xxx

Thanks for replying. It's on top of the feet. It affects the bones wearing shoes is so painful, even slippers or miles make it worse. It's non plantar fasciitis.

Good morning Maggie. So sorry that I can't help you on that one, but would just like to wish you the very best of luck. I hope that all goes well for you. XXX

Thanks Pam1952. Xx

Have you tried magnesium lotion? I'm not sure if it will ease the pain of osteoarthritis but it's worth trying. I use it for any kind of joint or muscle pain and also for cramp. I also use either magnesium flakes or Epsom salts in the bath, or they can be used in a foot bath, or bowl. Holland and Barrett sell magnesium flakes and lotion and magnesium oil, as well as Epsom salts. The oil is just as good but it leaves a slightly sticky residue on the skin so I prefer the lotion. Hope that's of 'some' help, it's no fun having painful feet.

I will give that a try. I've read today rocker bottom shoes are good but so expensive around £160-£180. Especially if they don't work. True if you have bad feet it affects your whole body 😫. Thank you for your suggestion. Magpuss.

You could try tapping into advice from the 'experts'.


They have a few relevant posts:


Thank you mrsmummy. I will do that in the morning. Nothing is helping the pain. To think up to 2 months ago I could pick up a pencil with my toes. I can't really bend the right foot toes due to pain and stiffness.

Thank you once again for the advice, it's greatly appreciated.

G'day Maggie

like you I am a fellow sufferer, riddled with osteoarthritis..have been for many many years..I have tried just about everything "over the counter" plus prescription meds...some work for a while but in the end it is the disease that wins.

My arthritis flares up more in the winter than summer...so as we approach winter here in Australia my bones are already telling me that trouble is looming...cannot offer any advice , other than to speak to someone in the medical field , you never know..they may be able to help you.

I liken it to the silent, unseen tooth ache...you know it is there , can't see it, but by GOD you can feel it. I wish you luck..but it is not easy doing your normal tasks when it flares up.

My GP has suggested replacement of both knees, but that will lay me up for 9 months, and as I am a carer for my wife (double lung Transplant), that cannot happen.....But even with that done I still have it in both shoulders one hand , neck , lower back and both ankles.

Hopefully you will find the answers you are seeking

GOD bless

Thank you Snoopy the Dog. It sure is a awful condition to suffer with and having lung problems too...not good.

I've had phone calls today with appts for 5/6 then feet done 14/7. Hopefully it works. As walking so badly is affecting my knees, hips and spine, which I suffer osteoarthritis in. It's also in my hands and shoulders too. I think once you suffer with that condition it goes through your body.

That must be hard going for you with both knees needing replacing and being a carer is hard for you.

Look after yourself and I hope something can be done to ease your pain.

Have a good day.

Hi Maggie, I suffer badly from arthritis and my feet and ankles are constantly painful. My doc is very helpful and has prescribed painkilling gel and gel sheets (these protect the bones in my feet which I normally would be walking on, my feet have lost muscle on the base of the foot, which is really painful) I cut up the sheets and attach to my feet when I swim/aqua which are really helpful. I can no longer wear normal shoes (I have been down the road with podiatrists, using insoles etc, none worked in fact they were very painful which only made life more difficult, I now wear shoes with extra padding and shaping to support the instep and the sole of my feet) yes shoes for painful feet do tend to be expensive but I have found they are worth every penny if it means I can walk around my flat and maybe if I am lucky do a short shop. I now do exercise in the swimming pool at Aqua Aerobics, I find this very helpful as the class exercises me from head to toe, it is also very social and keeps me from becoming depressed. At night whilst watching TV I prop my feet up and lift one foot at a time and rotate the foot and then repeat with the other foot, this also helps keep my feet free from stiffness. Hope this helps. Maximonkey

Thanks Macimonkey for your reply. I've ordered today MBT a pair of shoes and sandals as consultant said rocker bottom shoes are the best for arthritic feet, so hopefully they'll help.

Do you know the name of the gel and gel sheets ?? I do, do exercises but hadn't heard of Aqua Aerobics.

I agree it's not good trying to get around with painful feet.

Thanks again

Hi Maggie, How old are you if you do not mind me asking? the rocker shoes you have mentioned were recommended to my hairdresser who began to experience foot pain but she found she could not maintain the rocker movement all day so uses them sparingly, she also said if you are not very careful they have caused her to fall, she is 42yrs old. The gel is called Phorpain gel and the gel sheets are called KerraPro pressure reducing sheets. As for Aqua you need to contact your local baths, they should have classes there. Another exercise I do in the water is an exercise for arthritic knees, using a woggle ride your bike (its an exercise any good fitness trainer will know this exercise and will show you how to do it) for 10 mins 3 times a week, this was recommended to me by my physio and has proved to be a life saver, I very rarely have knee pain anymore and if I do I either get down to the baths or rub on the Phorpain gel. Hope this helps. Maximonkey

Hi Maximonkey, I'm 63 years old. I do believe that MBT do take awhile to get use too. I had a pair of trainers years ago and they weren't to bad. I agree you have to be aware of your balance. I'm just going to have to try as can't stand the pain not wearing shoes.

I've never heard of those products. Where do you live??? I'm going to try this aqua aerobics and exercises. Thanks again.

Hi Maggie, I live on the Wirral, Merseyside. The products I recommended where prescribed by my doc. I mainly wear trainers as I like to wear shoes when I go out socially, MBT are so different, they have a rocker motion which I could never master, just be careful. If the gel lotion and gel patches do not help you could ask your doc to allow you to see a physio (which is now on the NHS) both my husband and I have had physio and accupuncture on our feet on the NHS, it does help. Hope you get a chance to try the Aqua. Good luck, take care, Maximonkey

Thank you so much. I will ask my gp next week. Hope your pain eases for you.

Thanks again and take care.

Morning I did try the MBT I must admit on walking in them I had no pain but unfortunately they don't make them deep or wide enough. So money down the drain. I asked about the gels but gp said it wouldn't help me I need voltoral cream. I've signed up for a specific class but got to wait as I'm having an op on my feet on 14/7. After that I hope to God I'll be able to do it. Thanks for the tips.

Hi Maggie the volterol will he!p so good luck with it. What operation r you having? Bye for now Maximonkey

Thanks! It's for my midfoot arthritis.

Hi Maggie, I only asked because I have had foot reconstruction on my right foot. I am now having trouble with my left foot and I am uncertain whether to go back to the surgeon. Good luck with the op, Maximonkey

I might be worth getting his advice about your foot. Good luck hope you get some help. Thanks for your best wishes.

Hi Maggie, why are you not sending the MBT shoes back? If they are no good you should get your money back. Take care. Maximonkey

Hi unfortunately as I was away when they arrived I was 6 days over due to get them back as they only allow 14 days return.

Hi Maggie, this has happened to me. Phone them and explain you were away, most good companies will accept this explanation and take the goods back. Take care Pat

I'll give it a go. Thank you Pat. Have you decided to contact your surgeon for advice?? Take care x

Hi Maggie, yes I will but I need to lose some weight before I go down that route, surgeons are funny about weight, also last time I was non-weight bearing for 3 months and had to rely on my husband to look after me. I also really felt "cabin feverish" being indoors for so long. Anyway good luck with the shoes, I hope they take them back. Take care, Maximonkey


Hi, this may sound daft but a family member of mine swears by the use of Gelatin in whatever form, prepare it as specified then add it to a cup of tea or coffee or even put it on cereal, all when cooled. Works for him.


Thanks lkeith I'll give it a try.

A friend of mine is a reflexologist and massages my feet regularly. Her treatments help to slow the growth of the arthritis nodules in my feet, particularly in the joints where my toes join the rest of the foot. She also helped me get some feeling and control back in my nerve damaged right foot.

Thank you Ergendl for your reply. I never thought of reflexology. I will make some enquiries.

Take care

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