Can anyone help me . On the 13th of June 2017 someone from the PIP visiting me at home , why are they seeing me at home ,. Myself and my husband filled out the form and now we received a letter saying I am having a home visit. There is no problem for them seeing me at home . My health is not too good . Thank you to all who took the time too reading my problem and too all who reply to my letter .

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If they do there medicals on a 1st floor or up and you or your husbond use a wheel chair then you will get a home one as they do not have any one who can take a wheelchair person out side as that person got to have training as if a fire none is to use a lift

I had my PIP assessment at home. Made life easier then having to drag somewhere for the assessment!

I have not had an assessment for PIP but in the days of DLA my assessments were done at home on more than one occassion. Some of it is to do with the access at the buildings they use, my nearest centre is on two buses and a train, plus a hike through Birmingham and travel up to top of building in lift. My local DWP office only has one floor up but they do not normally do PIP assessments or appeals ect.

Do as Stone says. I did and got the advanced rate for both for 5 years. It's best to be prepared. Good luck.

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