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Collapsed Lung

I have been diagnosed with cancer of the lymphnode in my chest. I have had no chemo or radiation treatment. I have been on steroid tablets and have subsequently developed water retention in chest and ankles. My SATS levels are between 88% & 90% without oxygen.

I have had a drain in my chest to drain the fluid but only 500ml was removed. The X-ray afterwards showed little/no differences to the X-ray done beforehand.

Can my Lung be repaired if the cause of the collapse was due to the cancer spreading (this has not been confirmed but I have a feeling this is what caused the Lung to collapse)

Thank you for your time and your help.

Kind regards,


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Hi Tom, l don't know lots about cancer but wonder why you are not having chemotherapy for the lymph node cancer. My daughter in law has breast cancer that has gone to 2 lymph nodes and she is having chemotherapy. She also has lupus so l know everyone is different.

You need to speak to your doctor and ask what the plan is going forward. Good luck to you. Xxx


Good evening thank you for your reply. I have researched chemotherapy and the % of people it cures is very very low. I don't agree with having chemicals pumped into my body. I've been using a machine which works on DNA and frequencies of the body and also using natural remedies of any kind, I believe anything that starts can be stopped with natural medicine. Wish your daughter in law all the best and thank you for your time


I hope everything goes well for you Labtec. Our daughter in law feels the same as you do but has her daughter and husband to consider. Difficult choices sometimes.

You take care. Xxxx


In my experience my hubby has had collapsed lung x 4 in the past but this wasn't due to cancer . He was based on the category of his age and the fact he was then at the time tall and slim .

He had chest drains fitted each time his lung collapsed 4 times in 6 months and in the end he needed surgery to blow glue to heal the scarring. So not on your par at all but I would speak to your oncologist. Surgeon consultant to see what they would advise or help you with hope you get well soon xxx


Hi sorry to hear this. If you are in the UK why not ring the helpline number on 03000 030 55.

There is a nurse you can talk to there about your issues. They are open Mon-Fri 9-5.


Hi . Labtec. Most. Problary. You are to weak to start any treatment can knock you. For six . As. A collapsed lung is life. Threating Ihad one in 2012 and it was very bad. Because I have serious. Empysema . Once your lung heals. Which took me a month then you will start. Treatment. What's your health in general and your age. Bless you. Be. Strong . Paul

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I don't know sorry but want to wish you all the best x


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