COPD Reviews

Been for my COPD Review and my cardio vascular review, everything good. The nurse was really pleased with me. No real cops deterioration which is good. Same with my heart. Had some bad news when i got home, a very dear friend of mine went for their pip assessment the other day, came out of the assessment had a massive heart attack and died. Such a shame to hap p England to a really lovely and kind person.

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  • Pleased your ok but really bad news about your friend

    You take care


  • What a terrible shock for you Bernadette! That's so sudden and very sad to lose a friend like that.

    Glad you did well at your COPD and heart reviews, good news.

    Take care and thinking of you. Xxxxxxx

  • Good news Bernadette on the health front But really sorry to hear the awful news about your friend so sorry xxx

  • Thank you Margaret

  • So sorry about your friend xx

  • Sorry to hear about your friend passing away, it must have been a shock. But, well done on your review. xx

  • So sorry to hear about your friend

  • Great news for you, sad to hear about your friend though. Keep well.

  • Sorry to hear about your friend - condolences x

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