Stem cells ?

Hello ,my name is annabel , I've just joined you and think what a super site ! .and have found it soo Intresting to read every ones experiences ! .

I have copd and have very little knowledge of this horrible desiese ! , o was diagnosed two years ago and in the last year have been in hospital with respiratory failure twice ! The second time two months ago o was put in to a drug induced coma for a week and believe I'm lucky to have survived !!

I have googled stem cell treatment , there is a clinic in the ukrain who advertise , has any one ever Persued stem cell ,? my doctor is horrified I should even consider it !! .

I would love to get your thoughts on it

Thank you for taking the time to read as I feel I'm going on all about me !.

Annabel x


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hi Annabel and welcome to our wonderful site..sorry i dont know what stem cell treatment is, does it help people with COPD?

Hello , it's what it says I think ! Taking stem cell from your self or someone else ?? and putting them in to you intrivenuously !!

Hello and welcome to the forum. There have been other posts about stem cell treatment. You can read some of them here:

Thank you mrsmummy !

Love your name !



Some reading for you.

Thank you stone uk !im a bit ditsy with e mail texting etc , apologies for late getting back !

Hello Annabele

I don't know anything about stem cells, but stone-uk links are usually very good.

I don't have COPD either, but wanted to welcome you to the forum and say , please don't worry about feeling as though it's all about you, the more we know about you and the more you chat, the better you are supported on here😊

Aw thank you that is really nice of you to say ! I know no one who has what I have !, and two years ago I was an out door girl , mucking out , riding and competing on my lovely horses and have been for 40 years , now I can hardly breath and have had to give up ( older girl now l o l ) so it's really nice to corrispond and get others opinions and help !! ,

Hopefuly I can may be in due course help some one too , than you

Hi Annabel and welcome, can't help re stem cell, interesting though. I just had to reply re horses had to part with mine a couple of years ago for the same reasons as yourself. Really do still miss them loads. Speak soon Xx

Hi Sheilab , that is really nice of you to get in touch ! , it's awful for you they are in our blood !! And a wonderful way to pass the days ! I'm lucky enough to still have my gentle Rocco , a girl comes to look after him for me and in return she rides him ! But I soo miss even mucking out !!

But at least can still go out and say hello and cuddle him !

Where about in the country do you live ?

Lovely to hear from you , I've just joined you guys and think it's lovely that people have been so nice


Welcome Annabel

Thank you dedalus

I've heard of stem cell therapy for COPD but what they say is to date there is not sufficient research to support the success of such treatment. No insurance or Medicare here in the US covers it. But there is hope for this & time will tell. If anyone out there knows anymore on this subject please share it.


I am in hopes that you will read my reply to Annabel about Stem cell therapy. All of what you just said is true. FDA says not sufficient research for them to Approve it. Insurance companies and Medicare, as far as I know will not pay for stem cell,,

In my opinion as with cannabis for cancers.. many countries use it and find it works, yet the FDA and the rest who regulates what we can do and can not do find there is not enough research for them to approve it.

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Ralph B

Good morning Annabel

I am Ralph B from North Carolina in the USA and I have COPD also as you stated that you suffer from. I am sorry to hear you have had so much ill health due to your COPD> First thing with COPD I'n not sure if you smoke or not but stop all forms of smoking, even try as best you can from second hand smoke if you do either. . I smoked for 40 plius years aaa

Now for the reason I am replying to your post and hopefully Putsywillow1 may read this and benefit.

STEM CELL Therapy.

There is much going on throughout the world. I am more familiar with some therapy centers here in the USA, (There are many centers TREATING COPD). They claim an 84% success rate to improve lung function and claim a 10% to a 20% lung function Increase. (They of course will state there is NO GUARANTEE that it will work for all.)

1. One type of treatment is performed in there centers intravenously with stem cells made from the patients own blood, Its withdrawn from the patient then processed to extract the stem cells. Then it is returned to the patient intravenously. The center that I have researched and chosen to use this month is a 3 day procedure at a cost of $8000.00. I will be traveling to the institute this month May 24, 25, and 26th for what they call the Venus Treatment, Described above.

2. Bone marrow is extracted from the patient , processed and then returned to the patient to begin the process. I do not have any statistics on the success rates of lung improvement with this process. It is at a cost of $12000.00.

Yes it is expensive by some opinions. But each person has to decide is it worth the cost to try it with the possibility that it may nor help. Personally I find that I am willing to . It is a cost you have to decide on, I did and feel its worth the cost for the possible improvement, Money I cant take with me, so why not spend it.

Not being approved by the FDA, doctors and Drug companies in my opinion is normal here in the USA, It is a process that Insurance companies will not pay for.

In my opinion the FDA, Doctors and Drug companies can not make the billions of dollars from a treatment that may work. Long term treatments such as pills and equipment for years at the risk of the patients lives in many case is PROFITABLE, it is a Billions of dollars industry for them. There are many treatments and even cures out there that are not available to the normal person and not approved by the FDA, doctors or drug companies.

If you research look under Google for Lung Institutes

I have talked many times in my research the last year to the institute, I have also talked personally to people who have had the treatment I am going for (Venus treatment). all I have talked to, have had positive reports, from helping in health issues. The Lung functions have increased in all. I have also in one on this site saw where she even stated that the treatment works better for Emphysema b/ COPD.

Upon my return from the lung institute I will keep you and others updated on the therapy as to how it went and progress

Hope this helps some Annabel and that Putsywillow1 will see this also.

Have a wonderful day

Ralph B

Hello Ralph it is super to get your text info , I live in Scotland ( Inverness ) and it is soo difficult to get any info / help or conversation from any one ! Please keep me up to date ,

The site I got the most from was the one in the Ukraine ! The sent me 10 pages of forms to be filled in by my consultant here , ie asking for copy of my X Ray's ,c t scans oxygen levels etc

My consultant returned them saying he dident agree and there fore diden fill in !!

Pleas keep in touch and thank you

I have also had contact with the Lung Institute & asked as to what studies they have taken part in & what were the results. Were they controlled studies & who conducted them. Also, according to my cardiologist & pulmonalogist these studies are not complete.

I understand that most medical Doctors what ever their specialty is, has Negative or non commitment about Stem cell therapy. Biggest comment is NOT FDA Approved,

Doctors will not recommend alternative treatment of any kind in most cases.. Reason? If they do and something goes wrong, the law suit would be directed by them for their suggestion, since they have the deepest pockets of money.. I know this from experience.

Ill get off my soap box about doctors and the Medical Profession plus FDA now.

Ralph B

Yes I am interested too but my consultant just looked at me as though mad. Don't think he thought much good. I know they do in USA and obviously they have to pay and not really how sure how successful the treatment is.

Hi Ollie , the sad thing is that I was asking or information of my condition , not my consultants approval !! I felt the company I had approached in the Ukraine were being very responsible asking for info on my health !

I was just reading about this on the site 'Inspire'. To date, there has been no success with this treatment, with many people wasting a lot of money on it. The article said that there is hope that this will be fruitful in the future but as for now, no.

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