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I live in the states, but recently, my husband and I took a two week bus tour of the British Isles. There was a cold going around the bus and both my husband and I caught it. In Ireland, we went to the pharmacy and boy what a difference in the UK pharmacies and USA pharmacies.

In the states, they sell everything and anything. toys, food, greeting cards, etc. and you are on your own about what meds to take for a cold. You can ask the pharmacist, but they are usually too busy filling prescriptions.

In the UK, we saw the chemist and she recommended several meds. They worked great. Wish the USA had pharmacies like that.


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Glad you found the pharmacy helpful Beth and hope you enjoyed your trip. Xxxx

Hi Beth hope you both enjoyed your trip , yes we do have great pharmacies here,very helpful xx😊

Well we need to these days as often we can't get in to see a doctor or nurse. I agree they do a very good job though.

I have never failed to get to see a doctor or nurse quite quickly. I might not be able to see a specific doctor right now but it never takes long.

You might not have but a lot of us do have this problem. My doctors won't deal with copd issues and insist you make an appointment with the respiratory nurse. But they are so busy there are never any available appointments. The best I can ever get is a call from them a few days later.

So I see my pharmacist instead whom I must say is very good and helpful. He said he gets a lot more people asking his advice than he used to and he appreciates using his experience and knowledge more which is just as well isn't it.

Where I had lived before moving to a bigger city, my specialist was always able to see me within the day, if I was having difficulties.

Where I live now, it's more difficult to see my specialist. They have you communicate by way of their health portal. IF I feel like I'm coming down with an infection, I send, thru this portal, an email and his office response back by email. In a way, I don't mind, it's better than having to go see the dr. and then get the prescription. This way, they let me know that the prescription is being sent to the pharmacy.


I have never had a problem getting to see a GP about my COPD. Pharmacists. Are helpful but they can't prescribe things.

Being from another country, I was impressed with the quality of the meds that the chemist offered.

I guess it depends on what stage you are. I am moderate so don't qualify for a referral. My surgery only refer if they can no longer handle the care involved. I hope never to reach a severe stage but don't hold out any hope that anything would change if I did. I am grateful to be only moderate but it does mean being virtually ignored. I hope I don't reach severe due in part to their lack of interest though.

I think it's more to do with what part of the U.K. You live in. I am. stage 2 moderate and have seen a consultant since first being first dx in 2006. I also think it's a disgrace lilaclil the way you are treated by your GP. So if you went to see your GP about something else any you happened to be breathless and coughing. He wouldn't treat you for that he would tell you to see the resp nurse.

Glad you get such good service Ntb and I wish we all did. I have a rescue pack so I deal with any infections or exacerbations myself.

If it was something different from the norm then I would see a doctor. But any discussion about change of inhalers or upping them etc. or any questions abut respiratory matters per se I would be referred to the nurse instead as they 'are too busy to answer them'. .

I have been lucky with my treatment I have had been a patient at two different surgerys since being dx with COPD and both had at least one GP who spcalised in COPD. It's a pity all surgerys don't have them. I too have a rescue pack but then again not everyone gets them. And I only have my inhalers changed if my consultant agrees with it. I was recently put on Azithromycin and my consultant wanted me to have an ECG to see if I had Long QT internal don't know what that is but I don't have it. Also he told my GP to let me know the Azithromycin can cause deafness

Well that sounds quite terminal! Do you mean deafness?

Thanks didn't notice that yes I mean deafness .

I've been on Az for over 2 years, I didn't know it could cause deafness. Maybe I should think about going off of it for awhile, I'll ask my dr.

Pardon :)

I was on Azithromycin for 1 & 1/2 years and now have tinnitus with 30% hearing loss.

Hi Beth1949

I'm so pleased you got good service here, our pharmacists are great, they often know more about drugs than the doctors.

Ok hope your colds didn t prevent you from enjoying your trip xx

No, we had a great time. Our history only goes back a few 100 years. Yours goes back several thousand years. I think I liked Scotland the best.

Hi Beth I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to Scotland it is a beautiful place. I live in Edinburgh. I have lived there since I was 10 years old. Am 59 now.

Hi Beth, glad you had a good experience with the pharmacy here. I often phone them if I need to know about drug interactions etc - they're so knowledgeable & helpful. Glad you got to enjoy the rest of your stay 👍🌻Christina

Hope you have had a enjoyable visit I'm sure you have so pleased you found the pharmacist helpful safe journey home

Yes pharmacies here in UK are good and assistants are usually helpful, hope you enjoyed your stay over here and saw some of the great scenery, hope you are well. Cathy

Yes, we had a great time. Beautiful scenery. Loved the yellow fields of grapeseed and the sheep.

Hi Beth. Wow you must be feeling better to manage a trip to our cold windy country! How did u manage on the plane. I am coughing more and hope to go to sunnier climates in Croatia in the spring, but am worried about having a coughing episode whilst on the plane (it is so embarrassing). What did u think of the UK? I am in the process of looking for the stem cell treatment u received

at the lung institute in the us in Europe. If not I will consider travelling to the USA for the same treatment you had. Are u still feeling better Beth? I hope so.

By the way just received a post from Bronchiectasis news. Researchers think they have found a mutant gene which could possibly be the cause of Bronchiectasis. Will take quite a while before clinical trials will result from this. However, they are currently trialing gene therapy for CF Bronchiectasis. Oh well. I just keep looking! Hope u are well Beth.

I am still feeling good. We loved the UK. Loved the history and the scenery. I always do well on a plane. I have never had an issue with the high attitude. But days before a trip, I always take a supplements to boost my immune system.

Take care, Beth

How as the weather? We didn't do too bad for some sun especially in June when I was in Croatia! Its good u are doing ok. would u consider another treatment Beth should u need one.

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