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Hi it's me again. I'm looking for some advice. I've been under the weather for the last two months. I had a chest infection that led to pleurisy and then I had an eyelid cyst that also got infected and made the side of my face swell so much that I had to take my weekly shift of work while I got the infection under don't. It just seems that once o get one thing better something else rears its ugly head. I work as a home support assistant for the local council but these infections are now making my work life hard. After having a really bad chest infection last October which my go put me of work for a week I was called into work and given a disciplinary and a written warning and told i was not allowed to be off on sick leave for 9 months. . Now ive recieved another letter to go for another disiplnary hearing as i was off worj for 4 days last week when my face and eye were swollen. . I dont feel my work are very helpfull concerning my condition. They say they want to help but when you are working with people who have infections it's more than likely that you the carer will pick it up especially when you yourself have copd and pick up everything going. How can i resolve this . I love my job been a community assistant for 5 years now bit I'm worried that my health is going to keep getting in the way of it. Any ideas?

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Sorry about the misspelling . Can't seem to find the edit button. X

Don't worry about spelling, it is what you say that matters. If you do want to edit, there is a drop-down button under the 'v' next to the like button/Follow post.

If you are in a union do take advice about work. If not, try the CAB.

Oh what a horrible way to be treated disciplinary and told no more sickness for 9 months ....please get a unison membership you pay a monthly fee and this is conditions to how much salary you earn ...once you have registered take advice they cover legal costs set up meetings at your work ...all the stuff you require....your employer does have to take care of you not pressure you with disciplines and warnings if your sick your sick hope you get sorted x

As,others have said join Unison if not already a member. However once joined you will have to wait a number (not quite sure how many) of weeks before they will represent you. So don't wait!

All councils have rules about sickness etc. However in your case you should have some support from the Equality Act due to disability. As a result the usual triggers can be extended/ relaxed. I would certainly argue on those lines.

One other thing to remember is that these letters are standard HR letters. Often they read harshly and the meetings are not quite as bad!

Finally remember if you have to attend meetings before you can get union support in place. You CAN take a friend or colleague with you and I would certainly recommend that.

Hope all goes well.

Hi thanks for the replys. I am in unite union and they are representing my case . They stopped my employers taking back my sick pay from my first hearing. I just feel like they won't help . I have even considered handing in my notice which is harsh but I feel like this is what they are pushing for they have tram meeting that they emphasise that there are 10 others who could fill in our jobs . I'm just worried that if this is how things are for me and it's spring time then god help me when winter comes again.

Pleased you are in a Union. Please please do NOT resign. That is about the worse thing you can do. Will have all sorts of ramifications if you do. Let the union fight for you and if you are not happy with representation you can ask for another rep or even contact head office.

You are paying your subs so get the service you are paying for!

I agree with Bevvy - Don't resign!

Him sorry to hear about the shabby way you are being treated a little humanity goes a long way take advise from your Union and do remember the letters are standard take care

I agree you shouldn't resign! As you are classed as having a disability your employers should make reasonable adjustments for your to be able to return to work including adjusting your hours etc if possible. Also I know it's off the subject but lots of people on here swear by using Vicks first defence to prevent catching infections and in a role like yours it might not stop them all but it's worth a go. I've used it recently as my husband has had a cold which I would usually have caught and it would have knocked me for six but fingers crossed I think I may have avoided it 👍

Make sure that the company you work for sends any letters and documents they send to you are also sent to your named unite representative (if you don't have a named rep. ask for one) and don't attend any meeting or discussion about your employment with the company without your unite rep.

I'm afraid sometimes companies and unions work to their own protocols and the poorly person in the middle who is feeling vulnerable and without a friendly face to talk to hanging mid air not knowing what to do next.

I hope things get sorted out.


Hi all well had the meeting. Took my union rep with me but he never got a word in. I was so fired up I was ready for them. I got a letter from the hospital doctor treating me to say that I was under their care the time I was off. Luckily he gave me a copy of it as well as I handed one to my manager when I had my return to work interview which she conveniently forgot to bring to the hearing and also had the photos to prove how bad my face got with the swelling. The big boss had a look at the pics and hospital letter and turned to me and said that they couldn't touch me as it was a genuine illness with medical prove however I still have 2 months probation left so have to keep a good attendance to which I replied well considering I came out to work while suffering from pleurisy should tell you I am watching it. But if I am sick I am sick. And I will put my health first .

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