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possible copd/asthma fear

just got my results and i fear about a possible copd/asthma diagnosis. Any help appreciated.. And here are the results;

fev1: 3,88 (%92)

fvc: 5.21 (%104)

fev1/fvc: 74

fef25-75: 3.00 (%63)

doc only said i had small airway obstruction but didnt talk about anything else. Is it possible that i have copd or asthma? Any help will be appreciated...

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All seems normal

FEV1 normal range 80%/120%

FVC normal range 80%/120%

FEV1/FVC ratio normal range 70%/85%

FEF normal range 50%/60% and up to 130%


Hi you haven't got copd as your lung function of 92% is in the normal range.

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Small airway obstruction is COPD (or asthma).

Stage: 92% Fev1 = Mild.

You can be in the normal range and have mild COPD.

Stop smoking, get BMI acceptable, avoid colds, start exercising.. to minimise progression


Did they do a reversibility spirometry test? That is after the first set of three blows did they then give you ventolin wait a period of time and then do the test again?


They did and fef25-75 increased to 77% from 63%. No big change in fev and fvc, 3% only in fev. Today talked again with the doc and he told me that i'm not copd but rather allergic asthma. Any thoughts??



Some reading for you.

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Asthma U.K. Has a group on HealthUnlocked also a brilliant resource of info on web site and phone helpline. I have chronic brittle asthma if you need to talk or have any questions


, soy nueva en este sitio, 58 años diagnostico Enfisema Pulmonar. Diabetica por 35 años...

ESTOS últimos 2 años Han sido muy duros... ingresos al hospital 4 veces y antibioticoa al

pag mayor ahora anemia... falta un estudio la Espirometria lo tendre a fin de mes espero

estafa tratamiento he sentido mejoria ... pero si es desesperante, saludos.


Espero que te mejores pronto. Cuidate..


had another done today and here are the results;

fev1: 4.06 (97%)

fvc: 5.39 (107%)

fev1/fvc: 75 (93%)

pef: 10.13 (105%)

fef25-75: 3.23 (68%)

doc told me that my fev1/fvc should be over 80. (i mean around 99-100%) and fef25-75 should be over 80%. he thinks that i have asthma and only prescribed (Flutikazon + Salmeterol) inhaler. by the way i'm 33 and not much of a smoker. only smoked 3-4 years, maybe a pack per week.

Any comments? I'm really concerned about the fev1/fvc. i mean it is at 75 (93%) but why the doc thinks that it should be over 80? (around 100%)


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