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Chronic sore throat

Hi, can anyone help please. Out of the blue 3 weeks ago I started with right sided chestpain that was very painful when I breathed. No other symptoms except breathlessness and very lethargic. This got progressively worse. Saw GP who diagnosed viral Pleurisy as chest X-ray normal. Following day I got laryngitis and lost my voice totally and developed chesty cough but no runny nose. No better over next week so I was given anti biotics. I'm now end of week 3. My voice is returning slowly and pain in chest easing, but I still have a terribly sore groggy throat, if anything my throat feels more sore than it was, nothing to see when I look in my throat and my neck glands are not swollen, but it's starting to worry me. I'm still not feeling 100% at all. Any advice please, I'd be very grateful.

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I highly recommend Chloroseptic Throat spray, you can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy. I suffer with Faryngitus A LOT and sometimes Laryngitus and swear by this spray.

Hope this helps and you get better soon.


Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely try it😀

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You may have thrush, an inhalor caused fungus.


Thanks for the advice, but definitely not thrush.


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