Spirometry results anyone help with what stage this is?


I've just returned from a holiday to a copy of a letter from the consultant I saw recently to my GP which gives my spirometry results. I've looked them up of course but I'm sure someone on here put something in about stages of bronchiectasis and i can't now find this.. can anyone help? My results were FEV 1 1.86 60% FVC 2.43 68% FEV1/FVC Ratio 0.77 and FEF 25-27 1.54 42%

Many thanks

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  • 60% fev1 is moderate or stage 2. I don't know anything about bronchiectasis but am sure others will be in soon.

  • Thank you x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi I know how to interpret spiro for COPD - but I don't believe bronchiectasis is included in that definition.

    For COPD that Fev1/Fvc ratio is in the normal range - though it indicates unusually small lungs which is why an apparent poor Fev1 vs predicted(average) looks ok when compared to lung volume.

    I'm not experienced with bronchiectasis so that may be complete tosh. Did you have problems in the test with the blowing?

    How are you affected daily?

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply I've looked all over the internet for stages but I'm not sure it works that way for bronchiectasis now? The consultant put that my results showed a restrictive picture which looking this up means it's not copd it's either bronchiectasis or pulmonary fibrosis. I think the fev1/FVC ratio can show as normal in this case apparently? Day to day I have shortness of breath on exertion and problems with thick sticky mucus causing a productive cough and of course tiredness. I have also had approx 3 infections this winter which seem to have all rolled into one long difficult time from oct to march!

  • Yep - I had the same Oct to Jan - then been good 'til Thursday when I started cough up gunk.. and now I'm on antibiotics ..again.

    It was going round a lot in the UK and looks like it hasn't finished yet.

    COPDers would try Carbocisteine for the mucous - it thins it making it easier to cough up, so maybe worth asking Dr?

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks the consultant has prescribed them and I've been on them 2 or 3 weeks now.. they are helping a little I think but like you I've only just finished another lot of antibiotics so think I've yet to feel the full benefit. Thanks again for your reply 👍

  • You're very welcome.

    Drink plenty of water with them, enhances their help, I find.

  • Thanks.. I'm rubbish with the fluids will do my best to increase them!

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