Blockages or trapped air ?

Hi peeps, as a few of you may know I am extremely plagued by mucus which now my medics think it's more from reflux coming up and eventually tipping into my stomach and lungs ? Once I've expelledhuge amounts of mucus I find I can barely breath it sometimes feels like bits of mucus in airways but then because loud belches follow I feel like it's also trapped air, it is so scary , anyone got any advice on how to stop this happening or how to quickly shift it before it kills me !

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hi carolg. ive had Reflux for about 10 years, i take Omeprazole 20 mg one half hour before breakfast and one half hour before evening meal.

i have been on other medication but they where expense and didnt work any better then what am on now.

finding out all you can on any conditions/illnesses you have will go a long way to helping you look after yourself.

theres lots of information on the net how to help yourself so read it and get back to your medics as you didnt say what treatment you was given.

Hi Carolg1 I have suffered with this loads of mucus followed by lots of belching and the feeling of pain in chest which i assumed was trapped air like the previous comment i tale omeprazole twice a day so I didn't think it was all reflux I asked for an asssesment for a flutter it's a tube with a ball bearing in which you breath into to build up you lungs and shift mucus and that worked for me You can buy them off the internet but you can't use them if you bring up blood in your mucus Hope you get sorted out soon take care

Thanks daffodils I do have a flutter device and acceppella which is similar, my problem is there is so much of the damn mucus it normally drowns me, but hence the post at present it's gone difficult xx

Hello, I fully sympathise with you. I have exactly the same problem. It is so scary. I felt like I was going to die the first time it happened as I couldn't breath as my airway was blocked with this mucous. It just gets stuck in my throat and I can't get it up and then start swallowing to get it to go back down and this is when I swallow lots of air and end up burping lots after too.

I have just been looking online in desperation, to find out about excess mucous in my throat, which feels like I'm choking. I went to doctors and the nurse I saw said to take omeprazole 20mg in the morning as it sounds like acid reflux.

It started 2 1/2 weeks ago with a cough and I was given antibiotics and this is when acid started coming up into my throat. I think it has burnt it as it was sore and very red. My voice was a bit hoarse too. Since taking the omeprazole my throat is not so sore - it is only day 3 of these by the way.

I am due to go away for a few days and am very scared about this choking thing. I have been sitting up sleeping for the last 10 nights and am absolutely exhausted.

Any tips anyone can give me would be much appreciated.

Hi yes you sound very similar to me I've been struggling with this for over four years took all different types of meds for reflux , sinus and lungs and it's still bad but worse, I'm seeing a professor who specialises in this type of problem so pinning all my hopes on him, il let you know how it goes, I'm praying for a miracle cure I would luv to go on holiday, not been for years because of the mucus problem totally ruining my life xx

Hi, it's me again! I'm going to state the blooming obvious, but have you tried steaming? I am lucky enough to have a shower with a steam function and when I have these attacks I sit in there with the steam and try and breathe through my nose and keep as calm as I can under the circumstances. Eventually it unblocks, although so far haven't managed to bring it up, only get it down, in order to breathe again. I have also been having honey and lemon in warm water. Just a thought. Also before trying to go to sleep (hahah) I inhale over a bowl of hot water. I have also been gargling with warm salt water oh and put Vicks on my throat!! Take care.

Hi Julz, yes I'm familiar with same routines as you, but thanks for replying, wish someone out there would come up with a miracle cure for this god awful disease, take care xx

I now take esomethprazole (not sure of spelling) 40mg twice a day and the improvement is unbelievable. It works for me but not sure if it will work for everyone.

Im suffering this to it is blooming horrid and I have got where I just dont want to go or do anything ,I had a endoscopy which said I had reflux but the new medication I am on Esomeprazole hasn't really helped .It makes me feel that I am in one long excaberation of my copd I never get a break lol I hope you find a answer xxxxxx

Hi, thanks for reply, well I have been wretching the gross stuff up for four years now 2 endoscopys treat for acid reflux, although told I didn't have much reflux, also given meds for rhinitis although ent said things look ok following a ent inspection and still I'm fetching pints of the stuff up, like you I don't want to go anywhere it's controlling my life which at he moment I don't have much of , I hate moaning but I am worn out and probably at my lowest, I am going to see a professor who has been highly recommended so I'm pinning ll my hopes on him, I'll let you know xx

I have always had a bit of acid ,But mine seemed to spiral out of control when I was taken of Seretide and put on to Fostair I have mentioned this but the GP said it wasn't ? I get anxiety too so this doesn't help the reflux and like you I am so depressed if I try to get on with things it gets worse lol .Please let me know if you find a answer xx

Hi, I will let you know how it all goes take care and chin up lol that's what people say to me !! If only they haven't got a clue..... xxx

Hi I've just realised I've replied to your recent post, I have seen the professor of respitory who specialises in reflux issues, I was over the moon when he seemed to know what was going on, I have to try two new meds and if neither work he can do a small op !! I have hope at last the first drug is baclofen which on reading the leaflet has nothing to do with reflux more todo with the mechanics of the muscles so il keep you posted hope you coping xx

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