Yesterday I slouched

Yesterday I slouched on the couch all day eating and just being down with myself ...i was so grumpy with everyone and had a few tears to the extent of last night I was feeling rubbish chesty and coughing ....this morning I gave myself a kick up the back side and have just done my normal 3kms ...I won't be having anymore slouchy couchy days as I know the exercising gives a lift a buzz and makes you feel good 100 percent today back in the room lol xxx

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  • Glad you are having a better day today Angie. Good on yer! Xxxx😀👍

  • Thanks sassy xxx

  • Good for you. :)

  • Thanks mummy x

  • Stress does it every time! Nothing better than a swift 3000m to clear your head, better days to come I am sure.

  • Absolutely normal routine restored won't be slobbin like that in a hurry again made me feel rubbish exercise and more exercise lol

  • Everyone is allowed a slouch day sometimes but I am very glad you are feeling so much better now.

  • Thank you lilac lil I feel better today would be great to slouch but to be honest I felt rubbish for it xx

  • Bless you - glad you're feeling better today - well done Angie x

  • Thank you lovley xxx

  • Hello Angiecbr .

    Don't be hard on yourself. A slouchy couchy day occasionally is okay in my opinion. As long as it's sporadic.

    Anyway, really glad you feel better today. Sending love and hugs.

    Cas 💜🌿💜

  • Thank you cass I won't be doing anymore like that for a while love n hugs back xxxx

  • Glad you are feeling better today

  • Thank you xxxx

  • It wasn't a slouch day, it was a day of reflection which everyone needs from time to time.

  • Yes I reflected on how lazy I was lol xxx

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