Still struggling with this depression even though I'm feeling a bit better probably won't last and will end up pulling myself down again I no I'm not doing myself any favours and not helping my condition was doing so well and it's just hit me keep thinking I'm on borrowed time all since the nurse said you do know it's bad I've been really down seeing a friend today who's had copd a long time i think it will help and thank goodness i have such a caring husband

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Bless you Margie l do hope your friend can offer support and encouragement. Xxx

He did feeling better long way to go but will get there

i know how you feel i went throu it for 10 years 1 thing i leaned is everyone is different they said i had 4 months left they said i wont make it throu transplant they were wrong still here after tplant a year later and breaking records they know there stuff but they dont know you they say bad i said its not going to beat me they said 4 months i said still not goin to beat me they said wont make it throu op i did just to prove em wrong and you can too and when ya get down think of a trex making a bed got me throu lots of it still smile at it now and if you need to talk we are all here to listern well read anyway so you are not now or ever on ya own so bump ya gums as much as needed thats what we do on here listern talk help and anything else that we can we are all just a post away

Feeling better after talking to my friend the nurse made it sound like all was over but seeing my friend 10 years copd has helped and realising how slowly this condition progresses makes me realise there is a life still to be lived

Hi you keep fighting no matter what anyone says. The nurse should be encouraging you. You keep smiling you have your husband family friends and all of us for support. Let us know how you are. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

Sorry to hear you struggling. Are you getting any help? Medications? Talking therapies? So glad you have a lovely husband. Me too, and it makes a huge difference.

Kate xx

Waiting for rehabilitation long wait

Good advice.

So sorry that you're feeling down. Have a word with your doctor and see if there's anything they can do to help. Glad you have good support at home. I hope that you get something sorted and are feeling better soon. Take care. Pam XXX

Sorry to hear this but I know all to well how you feel. As time passes it does get better, then wham! out of the blue it strikes again. Exercise helps. Try not to spend too much time on the computer. Writing & sharing your feelings helps to get them out. Some one on this site wrote (when I was having a rough day) that "sharing your troubles divides them in half". Take care, Gayle

Just come back from visiting my friend probably answered more of my problems than the medics he's a 10 year copd and cancer and an absolute inspiration walks the dog of on holiday he made me realise it can be managed for a long time

I hope you are on antidepressants.

no couldn't get in to see doc till tuesday

i have been told on three different occasions over a span of 10 years to "get your affairs in order" by my doctors. caused me great depression! I am still here and still get depressed but am learning to take one day at a time and enjoy the day....i can be depressed tomorrow!!

one little remark was all it took to set me of been good for last 5 months till then

Sorry that happened. The nurse who said that woukd not even realize the hurt she caused.

i understand! try to disregard her statement....and focus on exercising, food and humour.

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