Stuck in Portugal

Stuck in Portugal

My lungs started acted up in Lagos ended up in ER got great care, When I went back to see the Dr and one lung cleared the other lung didn't. We leave Friday so that makes four more days of medications. Has any one flew with inflamed lungs. Plus bought some paints to paint a fall picture of back home. This is my third water color have lots to learn keeps me occupy from thinking about things.

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  • Sorry to hear of your health problems Clamdigger and hope you get home safely. Love the colourful painting, well done. Take care. Xxxx

  • Hi, I've flown whilst on antibiotic several times within Europe, all fine but really, only a doctor can give you an answer.

    All the best for a safe return home - wherever that is. P

  • Only a doctor will be able to advise re flying. Lovely painting. Good luck with getting home x

  • Hello Clamdigger , sorry you aren't at your best , are you cleared by the doctor for flying and do you need oxygen on the flight? I'm afraid I can't help really as I haven't flown for years.

    I love your watercolour you have done , it is fabulous.

    Hope you feel better and can get back.😊

    huff x

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