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Home remedies?


Hi New Friends!

Just want to run this past you. A friend of mine is a Herbal, home remedy Guru/fanatic. With that said he whipped up a batch of Tumeric, ginger root, onions and brown sugar and calls it a "lung cleanser". Advise that I have 2 tbs in the morning and 2 at night. Being that I have these items and use them in my kitchen on a regular I figured how can it hurt. given its not going to cure COPD it will help clear my lungs of some toxins from smoking. in all honesty tastes great and after 3 days started feeling better. Is this a placebo affect or could this concoction really be cleansing my lungs of tar and nicotine? lol My boss says whatever works and makes you feel better.

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The majority of herbal remedies are decongestants, they will not harm you,if you get a result fine.

The question is it a set routine or is it constant.

Most people can get bored after a while, especially if they have to prepare and store.

Tumeric is supposed to be good for lots of things. Let us know how you get on.


Raw ginger root is good for clearing mucus and opening airways and removing toxins from the body.

2greys in reply to Hidden

I love ginger, I wonder if this has helped me on the way to a better fev1 result? I still love my ginger whatever and will continue consuming it. From my experience it is like Marmite you hate it or you love it.

Hi I use ginger myself, however if you are using blood thinners you should be aware it can alter the effects of these medications.

Look up Golden Milk on Google. USA sites especially have lots of recipes. I take my own version. Briefly - mix Turmeric powder (best bought from Indian supermarkets) couple of table spoons at a time. Mix with sufficient water to make a runny paste. Then cook for 3 mins, stirring until it thickens, so will just run off spoon. Then I add ground black pepper, ground Cumin powder and a good piece of sliced and chopped ginger. Key now is to mix it all with a good glug of Olive oil or nut oil (if you can afford it). Allow to cool, keep in air tight container in the fridge. As you can see my cooking is instinctive not measured.

I take a teaspoon in a little soya milk, heated in the microwave for 10 secs. Glug it down.

Does it work. Well it has certainly helped my arthritis (caused by sports injuries and too much running in my past). I feel it has helped my breathing and general well being.

You need oil as an emulsifier as I believe Turmeric is not absorbed readily without a carrier.

Cheap as chips to make. So give it a go.

Dragonmum in reply to Tryfan

Will ordinary milk do Tryfan? I, too, have wear and tear arthritis from too much tennis etc. back in the day. I take Circumin, Ginger and Boswellia which helps but would like to try this.

Turmeric is a known anti inflammatory and you can buy capsules of it. I think it's harmless. Ginger is centuries old cure but do check that your medication can be taken alongside it. P


I know Ginger and Tumeric are good at clearing lungs also lemons are good for removing toxins so it probably is helping you and even if it was a placebo effect if it makes you feel better that's all that matters.I also know that ginger has thermogenic properties which help clear lungs that's why you get the warm feeling when you take it as it heats up your insides a little so I say if it makes you feel better all the best to you.

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