Looking at stair lifts

Got a few company's to give us quotes problem we got got a curve at bottom 2stairs and a small landing then 9 stairs we have little clearance at front door been told curved hinge expensive and probably not good idea so it would have to go on inside wall none to keen on that ideaBecause it is going to stick out a fair bit only got small landing .The other option is to go for a straight one on the external wall and walk the first couple of stairs but how long would I be able to manage them anyone had same problem .

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  • Hi

    Have you looked at applying for a grant


  • We don't qualify just over threshold I would have preffered to get one through services even if I had to pay because would have been less hassle if anything Brent wrong

  • We have the outside wall unfortunatley

  • Only small hall but thanks for replying

  • You could half the height of the 2 steps to the small landing by having boxes made for opposite sides of the steps. I did that when I had both knee joints done at the same time.

  • Hubby looked said it won't work

  • We had the same problem before we moved to the bungalow, and I sympathise because it makes a stairlift expensive. Could you ring round your local mobility stores and see if they know of anyone who wants to get rid of one as they are hard to sell. Also try a small ad in the supermarket. If I'd known you a year ago you could have had mine, I couldn't get rid of it and just had to get rid of it by having it taken out. Very expensive waste metal! I hope you are able to sort the problem out as it makes life so much easier. xx

  • Thanks problem with curved stair lifts all different I really don't fancy one but know it is needed it is going to be a bit awkward where it parks and need to do a bit of manoeuvring get rid of radiator cover coats of coat rack shoe cupboard etc God knows where it will all go If only stairs where straight up and down still debating whether to get a straight one and walk the bottom couple of steps wish I knew how long I would be able to do that xx

  • The engineer assured me they could fit them in the majority of staircases because basically they are made to measure. Even if you manage to get a second hand one it will still need professional fitting. I found the independent mobility shop far more helpful than the manufacturers who just seem to want to sell you the most expensive one they can. Mine was reconditioned and just as good.

  • My staircase is curved at the top, so I know the problem. The mechanics and chair are all on the outside wall, and the chair stops in front of the front door. You then get off and park the chair a couple of steps further up. It was very awkward at first as it is a narrow staircase, and getting a laundry basket etc up and down past the chair can be difficult. But even with all the problems I wouldn't be without it now.

  • Yes lots of problems to overcome not least pushy sales people one in particular well known company .I can't have mine on outside wall because of front door and curve at bottom and it seems strange having it on interior wall which is why I am thinking about a straight and walking down last couple of steps. Would be lot less problems could sit on First landing then have 2 stairs small landing then 9 stairs and could go on outside wall only worry is how long will I be able to do them couple of steps do you find it easy to use I'm a nightmare with technology been known to try and go up a down escalator

  • Greetings :)

    My stairlift has a sort of extra "leg" that drops down to bring the seat to floor level, then goes up again to get it out of the way.

    We didn't qualify for a grant, either, but our local authority let us use its supplier so we got the stairlift at the "discounted " rate and the 5-year guarantee.

    It has to be worth a try!


  • Thanks for that I have a friend who lives in turkey now used to be a social worker I skyped her this question the other day and she said our authority wouldn't 🤑

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