Music asking about inhalers

Hi hope everyone is now looking forward to the better weather

I just want to ask if there is anyone with moderate copd that just use one has and when emergency inhaler, because i went to my gp for a checkup and my sats and blood presher was ok but i now do get wheezy and slighty breathless very early in the mornings 4 or 5 am but just one puff of my blue top ventolin inhaler i am ok for 24 hours (the next early morning)

My gp ask if i wanted to try a preventer Inhaler has well but i refused and said maybe when i get more worse with my breathing because i think only to take stronger meds if you really need them and i know we are all differant with this copd but i dont feel i need another inhalers at the moment.

My gp seemed ok with this has my Ventolin can last me for 3 months at the moment but said i should not be drinking every evening.

I will have a small glass of wine or 2 every evenings before my meal and 2 sometimes 3 beers over the weekend that i look forward to and i am not stopping that has stopping the smoking was hard enough but i do sometimes have a puff - vape of my electronic cigge when i have a drink.

I still do plenty of exercise swimming walking so look after myself in other ways the best i can and i always feel so good when the warm sun is out...good luck and best wishes everyone


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  • Hi I am clinically moderate COPD . And I have 2 preventers. Plus the blue inhaler. I would have thought that anyone with COPD would have at least one preventer inhaler. I can't drink due to other medication I am on. I would have thought it was okay to drink if you stay in the recommended amount .

  • Hi nottobad Thanks for reply

    It is strange how we are all differant with this copd.

    If you look back at my past posts i was diagnosed 4 years ago and had seritide 500 and ventoline but after a year ask my gp if i could just see how i got on without the seritise500 (preventer) and i seem so far 3 years later to still be ok without it.

    But when i think i need it i will go back to my gp and ask for a preventer or whatever he thinks i need

    Best wishes


  • Hello music, why don't you try another puff of your inhaler when you go to sleep. They only last for about six hours but it might stop you waking in the early hours. Good luck, Sue x

  • Hi watfordgirl

    That sounds a good ideal and will try that



  • Hi

    As you have the condition under control, then there is no reason to medicate more than you have to.

    As to the wine, wine as a low ph 2.9 to 4.2 the lower the ph the more acidic,

    Which may lead to problems further down the line.

    Found this.

    4. Respiratory System - When the tissues and organs are overloaded by acidity the transport of oxygen is strangled. This suffocation means the cells cannot breathe properly. Every cell in our body needs to breathe new oxygen and to clear acidic carbon dioxide to function correctly. When the ratio of acidity is too high then wastes in the form of mucus and infections and viruses build up in our lungs, which leads to colds, bronchitis, asthma, etc.

  • Sorry stone-uk

    Did not fully read your post

    Thanks for that


  • Thanks Stone-uk

    I also think there is no reason to medicate no more then you need to and like to think we sometimes know our own body and how we feel

    May i ask what you mean by the lower ph the more acidic


  • pH scale is a measure of acidity where 7 is neutral, less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is alkali. It is derived from the Hydrogen ions available in a aqueous (water) solution. Each number represents 10 times the previous one so 4 is 10x more acid than 5.

    Gastric acid is about 1.5 - 3.5, I wouldn't (don't) fret about the acidity of wine. This is why gastric reflux is a problem as that will cause damage to your lungs.

  • Hi Music, I agree with you that we should never take stronger medicines that we really need and should keep something in reserve for if we get worse. But 'preventers' are different as their name implies. Their purpose is to 'prevent' something happening, in this case your breathing getting worse. Taking them when you are already worse is too late for them to do their job.

    I should reconsider your doctors advice, he is giving you an opportunity to maintain the good position that you are in at the moment. Stopping smoking (a great achievement) taking exercise, you are doing all the right things, but your problem is a progressive one and it's wise to try to hit it before it hits you, ;-)

  • Good points Don !

  • Hi Music

    If ypur waking up in the middle of the night, then your ventolin is wearing off. Ask ypur GP to prescribe Seretide or similar as it is longer acting and includes a preventer.

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