Low sats

Been having trouble last couple of days yesterday they went down twice that I noticed once was 49 then 56. New batteries in oxi metre tonight they fell into the 50s again and then when I came up to bed to 62 tomorrow I see the matron i hope she takes it seriously and doesn't tell me not to panic how can I not bringing up green mucus for last day or so looks like infection still lurking I really need some answers I still got the pain under breast oramorph and coedine not doing anything am so sick of my life

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  • Hello time 2drink, sorry you're not feeling to good. Hope you get it sorted tomorrow,let us know how you are. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thanks Bernadotte hope you not doing to bad xx

  • Hi t2d, if ur sats are dropping that low I'd go to A&E, that's low, really low, mine never went that low with a punctured Lung, even for peace of mind, I think u need to get that checked xx sonia xx

  • Will be seeing matron tomorrow I know it should not have gone so low hopefully she will listen to me xx

  • That is way to low.

  • I know

  • I hope your appointment goes well and don't let anyone fob you off. You need help and l hope you get it. Xxxxxx

  • Thank you sassy I am hoping something will be sorted sooner rather than later xx

  • if you have an infection with mucus then codeine is going to suppress you coughing and clearing the mucus. Good luck today

  • Thanks I have to take the coedine for the pain not that it does much it is a total nightmare x

  • I'm so sorry you're having such an anxious time. Make sure your hands are warm when you use your oximeter. You won't get anywhere near an accurate reading if they're cold.

    Good luck tomorrow. Sue x 💐

  • I went for my 6 month PR follow up yesterday and they use a earlobe oximeter. I also found out that arthritis in the fingers can give a false reading with a finger oximeter. So I am thinking of getting a earlobe one. With having arthritis in my fingers.

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