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claiming dwp

i work two jobs in the care industry my main job I do befriending for a gentleman my 2nd job I work in a care home ive have arthritis of the spine and have just been dignossed with stage3 copd I have for a while been finding my job at old peoples home very hard to cope with by the time I have finished my shift I am in tears and in a lot of pain can I claim for my problems and give up work

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Hi ogovalerie , I'm so sorry to hear of how difficult things are for you at the moment.

We have a benefits advisor on the BLF Helpline - she'd happily have a look at your circumstances and see if there's any financial help out there for you and/or any possible benefits you may be eligible for.

Give us a call on 03000 030 555 (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm) and we'll arrange for you to speak to someone.

Best wishes,


BLF Helpline


Yes you certainly can, it sounds as though you are struggling with work, get on the government web site, you can find put everything on there. Please let us know how you get on ,good luck 🍀. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette


Hi. Like you I am also working in the care sector as a support assistant in the community. I have applied for pip as I am struggling with my job now. What with the chest infections and sob. Don't think I will get it as I had someone in the cab fill the form for me. And he said because of what I do for a living ie helping people who also get pip he doesn't think I will get awarded it even though it has affected me work wise. My managers put me on light duties when I'm sick now as they won't allow me to be absent as I went over my allowed allocated sick days.and have been put on probation. I even had to go work while suffering from pleurisy which was very hard doing. I'm optimistic no harm in trying . If I do get it it will allow me to cut my work hours down. X


Hi cough_cough, thats a bit tough of your employer, i know that they all have max amounts of periods that they allow most are 3 absence regardless if it 3 separate days or 3 week each time, I remember that from when I was working as i was a supervisor and had to give the warnings before it went to human resources but for people with specific health issues they normally would work something out with human resources regarding absence from work when il.

Is there no come and go with yours


Not really. Was at meeting today and they said if I am ill again I am to phone my manager and more than likely have to use my annual leave to cover it or go off on sick and deal with the consequences afterwards. My union rep has said to go on sick and if I get the sack they will take it to tribunal as it is a genuine illness . With medical proof from doc and the works ocopational health.who were the ones that flagged up my lung problem by doing a spiro test on me. My results were fev1 77% fev1/fvc 67% which is moderate.


Hi I am a support worker and although I have drastically cut my hours I claim pip, many people who claim for a disability if any kind also work, government website is good to look at and your employer is expected to support your wish to carry on working we have disability rights that were fought and won for the disabled please read up also try blf advisor am sure you will receive help you are looking for, I wish you well as I understand exactly what your going thru take care x


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