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Heart trouble from lung infection

I'm getting a lot of discomfort and pain not just in my lung but in my heart too. I wonder is it all the tightness in my lung tugging on my heart muscle?? Iv got back ache and spasm too which feels worse which I know is stemming from tightness in lung. I'm so sick of this infection now. Im getting mild heart palpitations too. I'm awaiting on ct results and to be booked 4 bronchoscopy. Xrays is clear but my lung is not. Why can't it just show up on xray like normal people it would be so much simpler. I hope my heart doesn't get damaged coz of the length of time I have infection. Have bloods to get esr and crp cbc on Monday. I think I'll have to bite bullet n go back to doc n ask 4 blood culture too. She ushered me out of her office last time I was there n said no more she can do. She wrote 4 respiratory to see me urgently end Jan n iv still heard nothing. They don't think this is anything to be alarmed about coz it's not showing on x ray . In mean time iv gone private. Ill chase up private Monday too n ask 4 ct results n to book bronchoscopy. I'm just dealing with all this on my own. I know there must be some antibiotics out there to work on resistant bacteria. I just don't know what n need this thing cultured. Realistically I should be in hospital getting this sped up n sorted. But no I'm not even believed.this is a nightmare.

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I'm sorry you are having all this trouble. It is a nightmare. A clear X-Ray does not rule everything out. There are several diseases/conditions that look normal on X-Ray. It seems perverse to want there to be things showing up in scans and tests, but I identify with that. I knew there were things wrong and it took ages for the doctors to find it. Keep pushing, you know your body, and if you are not satisfied ask for second opinions.



It's bacteria in my lung it's happened me before with infections that didn't show on x ray. Only one bad one did. Milder or moderate ones don't. For some reason my body doesn't react like others. I don't get mucus with bacterial ones only viral ones. But the discomfort n symptoms are there. I'm so not well.

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I am so sorry you arena feeling well, they have certainly put you through it. I hope you get the antibiotics you need, and are fully recovered soon. Please keep us updated. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette


I'm just so beat with it all. I have to force food coz feel nauseous.I don't even wanna get out of bed coz its just misery another day of nothing slumped around the house n forcing myself to do everything coz my arms are dead n iv no energy!!


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