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Pulmonary Wellness

Webinar 33, this video may be of interest to many:

Webinar 33: Dr. Noah Greenspan: “Exercise in Health and Disease”: An Evening with Donna Wilson – Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center

Breathing correctly is so important.

Always exhale on the exertion (20 mins in).

Chair squats, clench buttocks and breath out .. 50 mins in

excellent information on correct breathing in this video, well worth viewing again even if you have seen it before, I think we do forget things, especially if PR was a long time ago.

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I just watched this video. It was quite long so I didn't think I had time, but ended up watching it all to the end. Brilliant advice and inspirational speakers. I loved it. Great advice on breathing exercises and exercise for people with lung conditions. I have just finished PR and watching things like this help to remind me to keep exercising.


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