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doctor's phoned me 2 week's ago and told me 2 come 2 the surgery on 14th march because they were going 2 change my inhaler's, yesterday respiratory nurse phoned me and said they wanted 2 see me on the 24th march because they were not happy that my inhaler's were going 2 be changed, apparentley it's the pharmacy that want's 2 change my inhalers, but i still need 2 attend on the 14th and again on the 24th, im confused

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Hi googeymac, I would be confused too. You don't say if you feel the inhaler you are on is doing you good but it sounds like you want to stay on it - sorry if that's not right.

I don't think a pharmacy has the power to change your medication without the say-so of your GP. A lot of people have had their inhalers changed to a cheaper version of the same thing - all part of the NHS trying to save money. I suppose it could be that your GP practice has told your pharmacy they are changing everyone who's on repeat prescriptions over to the cheaper version.

If you do feel you are doing well on the one you are on, then be sure to tell your doctor you want to stay on it and that your respiratory nurse appears to agree - sounds like you have him/her on your side at least. Medication decisions should be based on clinical, not financial reasons.


ive just got back from the surgery, and they had'nt even booked me in for today as the person i was supposed to see isn't in today, all i got was an embarassed appology


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