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Finally getting ct scan

After 5 long months of a consistent infection I'm finally getting a ct scan today. Fingers crossed it shows on this. With the discomfort tightness and numbness in my lung I know it's from bug but I presume caused by a bit of inflammation which should show on ct. I really need this breakthrough if I'm to get helped with this. Iv been battling with docs for months about it coz my x ray is clear they don't believe me. The only evidence I have is a crp of 53 which the doc says could be virus I keep catching viruses on top coz my immune wrecked but research suggests it wouldn't be this high in viruses. Anyway please dear Lord let it show. Need this nightmare to end. I'm so tired of being tired.

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Good luck with the scan but l am so fed up of reading how people who are ill are disbelieved by doctors! Understandably X-rays don't always show up problems so further investigation is required. People need to be believed. XXXXXXX


I agree with you 100% it's just ridiculous. Docs are dependent too much on tests n not digging further or really listening to people's symptoms it doesn't seem to matter what you say a machine ie the test has a bigger voice than you ludacrist. Tests don't pick up everything n can even be inaccurate or wrong but the body never lies. There ought to be some law that a doc has to send you further they can just say no n then yous go elsewhere. If if hypochondriac actually exists with the amount of ppl they treat as that it couldn't be true. No matter what who u r no1 wants to at a docs you've better things to be doing with your life. They've no emotional intelligence. Especially when ppl keep coming back with same thing. It angers me so much too. My friends mother in law was going up n down to the doc 4 months with pain who kept saying it's her arthritis n wouldn't send her anywhere or test. Finally my Friend went with her mother in law n spoke up 4 her n asked can they at least send 4 xray or scan. The poor woman was riddled in cancer n died a short time later. With all the development n things they have now n things they do to keep ppl alive you'd think someone repeatedly coming back might Just 'not be imagining it'.

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Well said Weaklinkdotcom. I just read an article about sepsis and how it's not being detected. I know doctors are only human but they need to see what's in front of them and listen! Xxxx


Exactly believe people. They're not psychics. I actually went to a psychic in desperation to see would this ever end n I told her nothing n very first thing she said to me was have you something wrong with your lung. Amazing. Told me to keep persevering but that I will be frustrated in process n have to fight it. That was start Jan.

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