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New diagnosis


Hello people , I have using this site for a few months and was diagnosed a month ago with moderate COPD , am currently off from work (older people's mental health ward) and on second lot of anti bios doxycycline, still bout thi

breathless but think doxycycline will work.

Badly want to retire as am 62, and will obs keep being off with bad chest, any ideas as to how to go about this , thank you Diana

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Go to citizens advice they will help you. Good luck,please let us know how you are doing. Hope you feel better soon,take care 😊 xx Bernadette

I do not know if you work for the NHS but I would go and see occupational health and explain your situation to them if they are not aware of it already. It would very much depend on how many years service you have done and if they consider you unfit to work before they will allow retirement on grounds of I'll health.

I took early retirement on health grounds. I originally spoke to the Occupational Health team. After discussions they credited me with the contributions I would have made had I continued until retirement age and paid my full pension immediately. If you are in a Trades Union you could ask them for advice. Good luck with it.

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