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Pleurisy and chest infection - two weeks later

Hi, just come across this group. Can I ask some advice please?

I finished taking my second course of antibiotics for pleurisy and chest infection almost two weeks ago and returned to work, desk bound so nothing strenuous. Was feeling better although not 100% then yesterday I woke up feeling dreadful, totally exhausted, pains in legs, arms and chest but not where pleurisy had affected. Mild arthritis in knee has flared up dramatically and my eyes are bright red.

Anyone got any suggestions please?


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Good morning, and welcome to the group.

It can take weeks to get over severe chest infections/pleurisy, so I'd give it a while. The red eyes isn't something that I'm familiar with......maybe a visit to the doctors would be an idea just to get it checked out.

Wishing you well. Pam 😊

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Thank you Pam, perhaps I'm being a bit impatient? People have told me I went back to work too soon!

Thanks again

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Back to the doctors for you! It often takes quite a while to get over these things so be patient and go and have a chat to the doctor.

Take care and welcome to the site xx


Do get in touch with your GP just to be sure. It sounds as if you did go back to work too soon. Good luck to you Sidg. Xxxx

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