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Today's healthy exercise-meditation

Whilst walking to Church this morning. It was a lovely spring like day, the birds were singing, daffodils and snow-drops in full bloom. It was so nice and peaceful, it put me in a meditative state of mind.

When reading some of your comments on the past exercises. I know some of you may not be able to manage the full cycle of breathing exercises. But as a word of encouragement - just do what you can, and you will reap the benefit.

So today I thought about something everyone can do. Standing or sitting.

It is called - Bone Marrow cleansing. It is attributed to a 5th century Buddhist sage Bodhidharma, and is closely associated with the temple he founded, a Shaolin temple on mount song.

This exercise affects more than just bones, it is alleged to strengthen the immune system, increase strength and density of bones, store Chi in the Dantien. And as it also connects the acupuncture point called Shangzong (in the centre of your breastbone) -good for the heart and lungs.

Stand naturally, shoulder width apart, knees not locked. I like to do this with eyes closed- I find it helps to concentrate

Line up palms, so centre of hands are about 12" apart - imagine holding a small ball of energy in front of your Dantien. Arms extended but not locked.

Slowly raise hands to mid point on your chest- Tip - feel the depression in your breast bone in the middle of your chest. In a male it is found slightly below your nipple line. I'll leave females to make their own judgment.

Now bend elbows and move hands towards each other, until hands touch with fingers upward in a prayer like gesture. Lined up at mid chest level.

Bring thumbs to rest on your breastbone, location as described above.

Whilst maintaining this posture - if you have religion, say prayers for your loved one's, or just bring your loved one's into your mind. Think positively of the world and all its beauty- anything that relaxes your breathing to a slow steady state and relaxes your mind.

Keep this posture for as long as is comfortable - 5 mins if you can. Then let hands slowly sink down to your sides. Open eyes and then give a big smile to the world, God and the universe.


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I could do with some bone strengthening ....thanks for the exercise. It's my alendronic acid day tomorrow , my once a week pill for my poorly bones .


This sounds brilliant - so good that you keep writing these wonderful posts for us as they're so easy to follow - love them


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