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Hi l am into my fifth yr and still no answer as to what's causing my breathing problems. Under brompton and they are monitoring me. They feel it's acid related and somehow scarring my lungs and resulting in dark patches on bottom lobes of lungs. They will not do anything till it's confirmed only monitoring. drugs either. So l was wondering if anyone has this or knows anything relating to it.

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I hope you get some answers very soon pamillia and that the monitoring turns out to be useful. Take care xxxxx


Even put me under gastro section local hosp, who want me to go to guys for tests only they can do. After 5 yrs getting me down.....just want answer. Until Brompton have the answer can't even have physio. Thank you for your kind words.

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If they think it could be acid reflux you should be on a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) to reduce acid in your tummy (Omeprazole or the like) to protect your oesophagus & lungs..


I am having gout medication and pranazole which is the highest drug u can use. However Brompton lung hospital still feel it's acid related lung disease. Hoping the acid tests at St thomas hosp confirms it. Had acid problems over 25 years now. Thanks for your reply. X


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